Business Profile: Beamton Montessori

Owner Noime Ilagan was motivated to achieve her life-long dream of opening her own school after encouragement from parents of children in her care in her home-based business.

Immigrating to Canada 10 years ago, Noime quickly continued her path of early childhood education, that she began in her native Philippines, when she found employment at Airdrie’s previous Montessori school. She learned the Montessori concepts of guiding children to learn and was hooked. When that location closed, she began her own home based childcare business to be able to continue her passion, all the while planning her future of owning her own commercial sized preschool.

In early 2019, Noime’s dream was finally realized with the opening of Beamton Montessori.

Quick Q&A with Beamton Montessori

What products/service do you offer?
Beamton Montessori Inc. provides children with a unique way of learning by doing. Additionally, with a specially designed technique in reading, allows these little ones to enhance their capabilities and instill appreciation of knowledge through Practical Life Skills, Sensorial Exercises, Mathematics, and Language, as these equally develop sense of self-discovery and worth.

Where are you located?
105, 500 Centre Ave., NE

What are your growth plans?
In God’s will, expansion of the business to multiple locations in Airdrie and Calgary, within the next 5 years.

What is your favourite thing about owning a business in Airdrie?
Guiding children to learn. Our program offers a specially designed technique in reading, that is effective and well adapted by children ages 3-6. They can learn to comprehensively read within a couple of weeks to a month’s time. Parents are always amazed and can’t believe their children can achieve that.

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity your face as a business owner?
Marketing. Spreading the word about our business and how our programs are different from other private preschool and kindergarten programs in Airdrie. Programs offered for preschool and kindergarten ages are mostly play-based which is good but we have to prepare their academic side as well, so they won’t get overwhelmed when they enter grade 1. This is exactly the forte Beamton is providing them. A solid foundation in reading, number concepts and comprehension skill while they still enjoy fun activities that promote the total developmental needs of each child.

One fun fact about your business?
To run my own school that was just in my dream, after almost 30 years it is now a reality!

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