Business Profile: Spring Air Group of Companies

Spring Air Group of Companies is celebrating a huge milestone... 35 years in business! 

Spring Air Group of Companies first opened their doors in 1984. They provide a comprehensive portfolio of noise control and sound vibration solutions. In 2015 they expanded operations with a new 14,960 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Airdrie. Owner Jerry Anderson says, "we chose Airdrie because of the accessibility to our clients through major routes, easy access to our major vendors and there was no business tax."

They plan to celebrate this milestone by holding a small gathering in Airdrie later this year with their Spring Air family. Congratulations to Jerry and his team on their success.

Quick Q&A with Spring Air Group of Companies

What products/service do you offer?
We offer vibration isolation, seismic engineering & restraint, flex connectors, cooler inlet /outlet silencers, acoustic barrier walls, engine exhaust silencers, explosion proof acoustic enclosures, air handling units & metal fabrication.

Where are you located?
107 - 2944 Kingsview Blvd SE

How has your business grown and changed over the years?
We have gotten into manufacturing a lot of the products we used to buy which not only makes us more competitive, but we can now offer a broader range of products to our clients.

What is your favourite thing about owning a business in Airdrie?
I like the small-town feel, that others in the neighborhood are rooting for your success. It is easy to get around to do business activities. Also, that we can hire local employees as well as those from Calgary and it is still easily accessible for them as well.

What is your proudest moment or achievement as a business owner?
Witnessing the longevity of the business and the growth over the last 4 years, especially in the current economic climate.

What advice would you give a new entrepreneur starting out?
Find a mentor to get advice from that has been successful.

One fun fact about your business?
The people here create the atmosphere of fun. It feels like family.

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