Farewell Kent

Earlier this month, Kent Rupert left Airdrie Economic Development to take on a new role as Executive Director for the Airdrie Blue Zones project. Starting in September, Kent will be working with AbrioHealth to advance their goal of improving the health of all Airdrie residents. In this role he will continue to liaise with the City of Airdrie, working with the national Blue Zones organization to make Airdrie the first Blue Zone community in Canada. We wish him all the best in this new position.

In his 16 years with the City of Airdrie, Kent was key in the tremendous growth in non-residential sector. Some highlights for Kent in his career at the City include attracting companies like Costco and Alberta Injection Molding to Airdrie, supporting the creation of the SMARTstart program, implementing a Business Satisfaction Survey, and launching Airdrie’s Economic Strategy. Kent is well known for the positive relationships he has built in the business community.

“It has been an honour to represent the City through economic development and watch the City grow from 22,000 people to over 70,000 with the business community growing at a matching pace,” says Kent. “It truly has been a lot of fun along the way and I am sure that there are even greater things on the horizon as the City moves forward.”

Kent says he is most proud of the team he has built and supported over the years. Since 2005, under the leadership of Kent, Airdrie Economic Development has been the recipient of over 20 awards and recognitions, provincially and nationally and internationally.

Congratulations Kent! We wish you nothing but the best!