Business Profile: Lathered Cleaning Company

What started out as a convenience has grown and evolved into a successful business. Owners Meghan Peters and Kristin Verbeek have 7 children between them and couldn't find the time to do all the family things required while working full time. It was decided then that they would team up and clean a couple homes a week until their children started school and they could go back to "real" jobs. Well that didn’t happen, Lathered was born instead.

One thing is for sure, Meghan and Kristin are passionate about their business in Airdrie and creating balance for their employees and franchise owners. For the owners, Lathered is a culture – a way of life and life is good. 

Lathered expanded this year from a home-based business into a beautiful commercial location at 3101, 109 Gateway Drive.

Quick Q&A with Lathered Cleaning Company

What products/service do you offer?
What don’t we do?!?! Residential and commercial cleaning, laundry, move in/out’s, creating sanity where chaos was left. Famous for our “5 for $150” initial special. Can’t afford not to at that rate! We also FRANCHISE!

How have you expanded your business?
We have grown in the Airdrie/Calgary area but we also have Lathered owners spanned out across Alberta. They are doing their own amazing things in inspiring amazing ways and are so full of gratitude, positivity and success.

We recently moved into our first commercial space as we felt it was time. With Lathered growing and now in a commercial space we have longer hours and more staff coming and going. Our home offices were no longer an option. We love the peace and tranquillity having an office has brought us. It helps us separate work from home life and feel that we enjoy each one a little more separately.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a business owner?
So much opportunity! Finding out work/life balance is getting easier and easier as we have people moving into the right roles. Giving back is easier when you have the final say and know your numbers. We work closely with “cleaning for a reason” and have the opportunity to donate cleans to women that are going through cancer treatment. This is something we both hold very close to our hearts. Taking the time to come up with new collaborations… the list goes on!

What are your future growth plans?
Sky's the limit! Franchising and creating this life for others is always exciting. We would like to come up with a line of our own all natural cleaning products. We currently make our own but would like to scale it up a little. The health of our staff, clients and their families, homes & pets it incredibly important to us.

What is your favourite thing about owning a business?
Kristin: Being inspired and inspiring. Having the ability to help staff get through and over tumultuous times through support.

Meghan: Creating a great environment for our staff. Giving back to our community and managing a work/life balance!

One fun fact about Lathered
The first thing we bought for our office was a gold wine rack, lol! We start each day with gratitude. Our business model allows/helps moms to make their own schedules and utilize their time as efficiently as possible. This means they do not come into the office more than once every 1-2 weeks. It’s brilliant but does make us lose touch sometimes. We have a closed Facebook page “The Lathered Fam” that allows us all to pop in as frequently as possible to express gratitude, pump one another up, show our days and communicate so we remember why and how much we love our Lathered fam!

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