Winners Announced: Put Your $ Where Your Heart Is campaign

Over the past eight weeks we ran the Put Your $ Where Your Heart Is campaign in Airdrie as a way to support local spending and connect consumers with local owners.

During the campaign customers submitted their proof of purchase from local businesses, automatically entering themselves into weekly and grand prize draws and the eligible business into a grand prize draw for customized marketing in 2021. We received over 1,600 entries and 308 businesses were represented by their customers.

On #SmallBizSaturday we drew the winners live on Facebook alongside our local partners.

We are so excited to share the winning names for our $5,000 consumer, $10,000 business, top entries and top ambassador prizes!

We encourage your feedback on the campaign and invite comments about what you would like to see in the future via a brief survey.

$10,000 Business Grand Prize: Calgary Pizza Unlimited (owner Khizar Hayat)

Calgary Pizza Unlimited has been a staple in Airdrie’s downtown since 2006. After noticing the amount of commercial pizza establishments opening in Airdrie, Mr. Hayat decided to expand his independent pizzeria and offer that big City flavour here in Airdrie. Like many, Calgary Pizza has struggled with business lost during this pandemic. With his win, he plans to expand his menu and to focus on getting into the digital landscape with a new website, design, and print marketing.









Top Entries: Flavours of Montreal

Flavours of Montreal had the most entries by their customers with almost 100 submissions! We loved to see their engagement with the campaign via in-store promotion.

We received survey responses from 137 participants, letting us know that 42% were informed about the contest from a local business owner, 56% felt the campaign directly influenced their current shopping habits, and 52% purposefully submitted an independent or locally owned franchise in for Grand Prize nomination.









Top Ambassador: Treasure Cove Comics and Collectables

John Quong and his team at Treasure Cove Comic and Collectables led the initiative as a Top Ambassador with marketing in-store, on his website and word of mouth. Treasure Cove had consistently at least 4 entries weekly, totalling 73 nominations and 3 lucky winners!

“The 'Put Your $ Where Your Heart Is' Campaign was a true success with our business. Right from the moment it started, it garnered a lot of interest with the local customers. The staff enjoyed 'talking it up' as it supported not only our business, but all local businesses in general. Once the customers understood what the campaign was about, they eagerly participated.” John Quong








$5,000 Consumer Grand Prize: Ian Babey

This lucky local shopper received gift cards from over 83 licensed Airdrie businesses curated from the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce and Shop Local Facebook group.












Thanks to all of the contest participants and partners who made this campaign possible.