Business Profile: East Coast Pub & Eatery

Bringing East Coast vibes to Airdrie


J.R. Beauregard and Chef Jay Scotian are bringing the East Coast vibes of their New Brunswick and Nova Scotia roots to Airdrie.

When Beauregard retired from his accounting firm two years ago, he soon started looking for another venture. Now 63, he and his business partners and award-winning Chef Scotian are pouring their passion into East Coast Pub & Eatery. They’re inspired by the same atmosphere Beauregard grew up in, where “even if you're an outsider you feel like family.”

“I want to make it so it's easy to get to know your neighbours,” said Beauregard.

A longtime member of the Airdrie Wild Rose Shrine Club, he was alerted by a fellow member when the location of the restaurant became available.

“[I] saw this place and this light bulb went on over my head,” said Beauregard, adding it fulfilled a dream of having a bar like what he grew up watching on The Pig and Whistle, a CTV variety show staged in a pub that ran from 1967-1977.

He said the timing was right, knowing the COVID pandemic would end and people would be wanting to eat out and enjoy good times again.


The first-time restaurateur has a lot of experience working in kitchens, doing everything from dishwasher to cook, and loves bartending. He also loves to entertain, and was a stuntman (ask him about his photos on his office wall).

With a mantra of “Good food, good service, good times,” the restaurant aims to be a part of the community and is already giving back portions of revenue to the Airdrie Food Bank and the Airdrie and District Victims Assistance Society.

During table checks, he thanks people for coming in, and is thankful for people often responding “thank you for having us.”

“It warms my heart, I really feel like a part of Airdrie,” said Beauregard, who is optimistic about the future and seeing East Coast Pub & Eatery full with people having fun while providing jobs where people enjoy their work.

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Story and photography by Britton Ledingham