Developer Spotlight: Vesta Properties

Vesta Properties is filling the needs for commercial space in Airdrie’s hot market.

The newly-approved Master Site Plan for Southpoint Village will begin construction south of Sierra Springs and the new 40th Avenue interchange this summer. Southpoint Village, a master-planned commercial development visible from the QEII Highway, will create more than 500,000 square feet of commercial space and feature a shopping district with local boutique-style shops, a restaurant alley, cafes, services, warehouse space and commercial offices.

“It'll give local small or well-established shops the opportunity to be located inside of a very high traffic area,” said AJ van der Linden, sales manager for Vesta Properties.

He anticipates Phase 1 south of the interchange and west of Main Street to take about 18 months to complete and will include bays from approximately 1,200 square feet and up. Phase 2 will be a restaurant alley on the south end of the current loop to 40th Avenue, and Phase 3 will be between Main Street and the QEII Highway.

“There's going to be a lot of opportunities for different types of shops with a focus being on ‘shop local’,” said van der Linden, noting Vesta Properties will open up the sales process by fall 2022.

Vesta Properties’ of over 2,000 homes in Airdrie began with Luxstone in 1999, continued with Williamstown and Coopers Crossing (both started construction in 2009 and completed in 2014) and continued with Southpoint (started in 2017).

“We see the great potential we have here in the city of Airdrie and its future growth, and that's why we've invested that much capital in the city over the years,” said van der Linden, noting Vesta is thankful to be a part of the growth of Airdrie from a population of about 18,000 in 1999 to almost 80,000 today.

Vesta’s residential developments provide family-friendly housing opportunities for everybody with home styles that include single-family, rowhomes, townhomes, duplexes, condos, and mixed-use residential.

Their Central Apartment building has the first phase complete with 130 units, with a second and third building slated for completion by late 2023.

For more information about Airdrie commercial real estate inquiries, please contact Airdrie Economic Development. More information about Southpoint is available here.

Story and photography by Britton Ledingham.