Cart Exchange

All single family homes in Airdrie are currently assigned one blue and one green 240-litre cart. The City of Airdrie is offering residents the opportunity to exchange the larger 240-litre cart for a smaller 80-litre cart; this will allow residents to choose a cart size that best fits their needs.

Things to consider before deciding to exchange your cart:

  • The amount of extra recyclable material following holidays and celebrations.
  • The amount of organic material in the summer from yard and garden waste.
  • Excess material placed beside the cart will not be collected.
  • All recyclable materials must fit inside the cart with the lid closed
  • Heavy green carts may not empty completely due to material compacting in the cart
  • Overstuffed blue carts may not empty completely and may create litter from material spilling out
  • Only one free exchange attempt will be made, if a delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the resident will be responsible for either paying the exchange fee of $30 per cart in order for a second cart delivery to be attempted or residents can bring their old cart(s) to the Recycle Depot to exchange.
  • Curbside collection fee will remain the same regardless of the size of cart selected as the collection contract is based on number of houses collected from not the quantity of material collected.
  • Each resident registered to a utility account is permitted to exchange one blue and one green cart ONCE per property, additional exchanges will cost $30 per cart to cover cart cleaning and administrative costs. This fee must be paid in person at the Recycle Depot during depot hours prior to the exchange. Only cash, debit, Visa, and MasterCard payments accepted.
  • The style of cart cannot be guaranteed as carts will be re-circulated. However all carts will be professionally sanitized and in working order prior to delivery.
  • Only the utility account holder is permitted to request an exchange.

TIP: View the 80-litre cart at the Recycle Depot before you make your decision.

80-litres/21 gallons - Holds the equivalent to approximately one standard 76 cm x 96 cm (30 in. x 38 in.) bag

240-litres/64 gallons- Holds equivalent to approximately four standard 76 cm x 96 cm (30 in. x 38 in.) bags

Please review exchange requirements listed on the application in order to ensure your cart exchange proceeds smoothly.


Application Form

Submit form online or complete the  Curbside Cart Exchange Application and send to:


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