Reviewing your assessment

Review your property assessment notice to ensure:

  • Your name, address and school support are correct.
  • The property classification (residential, farmland, non-residential) correctly describes your property.

Next, compare the assessment on your notice to the typical market value of your property as of July 1 of the previous year. You should compare your assessment to the assessments of other properties similar in size, age, quality, condition and location. You can also view the Residential Sales document to assist you in reviewing your assessment.

To view the average shift in your community, please review the following documents:

Assessment Shift Report

Assessment Shift Map

Once you have compared your new assessment to its previous year’s market value and to the assessment of similar neighbouring properties, if you still have questions or concerns about your assessment, contact the Assessment department.

Alberta Municipal Affairs has a resource explaining property assessment and taxation in Alberta that can be found here.


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