Council's Strategic Priorities 2019-2022

Airdrie is expected to reach a population of 90,000 in six to eight years.

For our City to grow into a well-planned, welcoming, safe and healthy city with its own identity, a focused strategy is essential. Council’s strategic priorities put a focus on the things that will make significant impacts in achieving the desired results for each area.

These priorities will guide Council when weighing decisions,
direct Administration on where to focus energy and resources,
and inform the community on what Council plans to achieve on their behalf.

Learn more about each of Council's Strategic Priorities in the quick links on the right.

Now that the priorities have been chosen, what's next?

  • Council budget planning and approval
  • Administration will plan and execute initiatives to achieve results
  • Community engagement
  • Report back to Council and the community on progress
  • Monitor progress and adjust direction as necessary