Review your Property Details

1.  Have a copy of your assessment notice in front of you

2.  Ensure the following details are correct:

  • Name, address, and school support
    • Contact the taxation department to correct any account information at 403.948.8856 or 
  • Ensure the 'Property use' correctly describes your property
    • Assessment Class describes what classification your property is categorized as (residential, farmland, non-residential)
    • Property Type is the land and the improvement (building on the land) that creates your assessed value

3.  To review your property details online, Sign in/up for MyAirdrie

        Here’s how:

  • Follow this link to sign in/up: MyAirdrie
  • Find "Taxation and Assessment" under "add/remove services"
  • 'Link an account'' by using your Roll Number and Web Code found on your Property Assessment Notice
  • Once the account is linked you may return to your services platform and view notices for the current year
  • To view your property details select the “Assessment Report” document
4.  If a basement development permit has been registered for your property

Basement development permits that have been registered before December 31st will automatically be added to the following year’s assessment.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact the assessment department if the basement is not complete before December 31st. A mandatory inspection will be required for confirmation.



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