Outdoor tips

Did you know that the average Airdrie resident uses 284 litres of water per day? That’s the equivalent of two full bathtubs of water per person - every day! Check out some of these tips to reduce your outdoor water consumption.


No Cost

  • Ensure your downspouts all drain into an area where water can be absorbed (like a nearby lawn, tree or flower bed).
  • Water only when you need to. An established lawn only requires 25mm (about 1 inch) of water per week. 
    • Tip: Place a Frisbee upside down on the lawn in the area you are watering, once it is full turn off the sprinkler. 
  • Water between 6-9 a.m. and 7-10 p.m. Watering during the heat of the day may cause losses of up to 30 per cent due to evaporation.
  • Leave grass 3” long to prevent scorching and water evaporation.
  • Grass-cycle. Leave your grass clippings on the lawn, this provides extra nutrients for the lawn and helps retain moisture.

Low Cost

  • Practice xeriscaping landscaping methods 
  • Use a rain barrel or multiple rain barrels.  An average roof in Airdrie collects approximately 24,000 litres of rain annually-this could fill a rain barrel 96 times!
  • Aerate your lawn. A well aerated lawn can absorb rain but a compacted lawn acts as a “hard surface” allowing little absorption.
  • Use a garden-hose nozzle with an automatic shut off to save water.
  • Water plant roots directly with drip or soaker hoses buried in mulch. Using a soil moisture sensor can help you monitor water use and ensure you only use what you need.
  • Water timers (available at any garden centre) can be set before you leave the house in the morning - you won’t forget to turn off the water and the water won’t evaporate in heat of the day.
  • Consider replacing unnecessary lawn with drought-tolerant and locally adapted plants, shrubs and trees.
  • Add compost to the lawn to help retain moisture.

Smart Irrigation Tips

  • Test your soil type. Type of soil determines how quickly water is absorbed. Watering more than soil can causes runoff and waste.
  • Adjust your watering schedule or irrigation controller to water based on seasonal weather conditions.
  • Set your sprinklers to water plants and shrubs, not your driveway, sidewalk, or buildings.
  • Water only when needed. Saturate root zones and let the soil dry. Watering too much and too frequently results in shallow roots, weed growth, disease and fungus

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