What has the City done to reduce water consumption?

Here are a few ways the City reduces its water consumption:



  • Created Standard Landscape Guidelines and Specifications for City of Airdrie Parks department and developers that include water conservation requirements.
  • Use xeriscaping   landscaping methods for road medians to eliminate the need for watering.
  • Reduced irrigated landscaping in new greenspaces.


  • Remotely monitor irrigation sites to ensure they are operating properly
    Tip: If you see a City site where water is spraying or running onto the road, please contact the Parks Department at 403-948-8415 or parks@airdrie.ca
  • Installed four bulk water stations to provide water to mobile bulk water users

Policy and bylaw development

  • Water Works Bylaw
  • Requires use of low-flow plumbing fixtures in new builds
  • Requires all residences to have water metres installed
  • Does not allow once-through cooling equipment to be connected to City water
  • Land Use Bylaw
  • Encourages developers to use xeriscaping   landscaping methods as part of required landscaping areas.

Water conservation at City facilities and infrastructure

  • Installed low-flow toilets in all City facilities
  • Installed shower timers at Genesis Place
  • Reuse water used for training and truck pump testing at Airdrie Fire Department Halls, resulting in up to 120,000 litres of water conservation in just a 15 minute training session!
  • Reuse water then treat and test all water during operation at the Chinook Winds Spray Park.
  • Improved leak detection and water system asset management equipment and processes in all City water lines

Water meters

  • Metered City irrigation sites to track water usage.
  • Installed wireless rain sensors that turn off irrigation when it’s raining.
  • Retrofitted properties built before 2015 with new water meters.
  • Required new commercial and residential properties including green spaces to have a water meter. This allows the City and residents to review utility accounts, which helps identify higher than average consumption. Higher than average consumption might indicate a leak.

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