Where can I park my RV in Airdrie?

The Traffic Bylaw B-14/2016 Section 7.09 states RVs can be parked:

  1. On a residential roadway. next to your property. 
  2. An RV that is not in a wrecked, discarded, or abandoned condition can be parked on your property.
  3. On the street for 72 hours when attached to a vehicle designed to pull the trailer and does not exceed 9 meters.
  • The RV must not be occupied when parked on the street.
  • The RV together with the towing vehicle must not exceed 9 meters.
  • RVs+vehicle exceeding 9 meters are allowed to be parked on the street adjacent to the occupant's property for loading, unloading and cleaning (max 24 hours).

4. On your driveway as long as the RV does not extend onto the sidewalk, pathway or extend past the occupant's property line where not sidewalk or pathway exists.

5. In your yard on a gravel, concrete or paved parking pad.

For questions and concerns please contact Municipal Enforcement at 403.948.8892.


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