Preparing for Spring Melt

Around your home:

  • Clear snow away from your foundation and window wells
  • Check your furnace and exhaust vents to make sure they are clear of ice and snow

When the ground absorbs water, soil can act like a sponge causing the underground “water table,” (the depth at which soil spaces become completely saturated) to rise. Water seeps through the ground and eventually reaches the foundation of the home. Water enters your basement through cracks and holes in the home’s foundation.

To prevent basement seepage:


  • Clean and check eavestroughs in the spring and fall and remove any debris
  • Position downspouts away from the house, toward the front or rear of your property (at least six feet from your foundation)


  • Slope areas next to the foundation away from your house
  • Landscape to allow water to drain away from the foundation
  • Waterproof cracks in your foundation walls and sidewalks

If there are still issues with pooling, residents can call Water Services at 403-948-8871.


Water Pooling

If safe to do so, residents can help the drainage along by doing the following:

  • Clear snow/debris away from the storm drain
  • Clear a trench along the curb
  • Ensure gutters and swales are clear of snow, slush and debris
  • Remove any snow/debris piled along the curb that is blocking drainage

If water pools by the storm drain, give it 90 minutes to drain. The City has devices in the storm drains that allow the water to drain slowly and not overload the stormwater system.


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