Private Property Water Lines

A water pipe, also known as a water service line, is how the City of Airdrie delivers water to homes and businesses. It consists of the following:

The pipe from the water main line to the property line is owned by the City of Airdrie. It is the City's responsibility to maintain and repair.

The pipe from the property line into the home or business is owned by the property owner. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain and repair the line. The only exception is the water meter, this is owned by the City.


Water Leaks on Private Property

Your water service pipe connects to the water main and carries water from the water reservoir to your home. Because the water system is pressurized, when a hole or crack occurs in the pipe, water will continue to flow until the City turns off your curbstop. Repairs must be made as soon as possible. Failure to address a leak may cause damage to your property, your neighbours property, nearby streets and sidewalks. When there is a leak in your water service you are responsible for:

  • Arranging for a water contractor to make any necessary repairs
  • Paying for the repairs
  • As per the Waterworks Bylaw NO. B-30/2017, section 4.0, a consumer is responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of the consumer’s service connection located above, on or underneath the premises at the consumer’s sole cost and expense

When looking for a contractor, The City suggests that you:

  • get at least three quotes
  • ask for and check contractor references
  • contact the Better Business Bureau, or a similar agency online (Yelp, Facebook, HomeStars) to read contractor reviews

To help you with your research, click here for list of a few contractors that have performed water service repairs in the past. The City does not recommend which contractor to hire, nor does the City endorse the quality or warranty of any work done on private property by any contractors.



Curbstops are generally located close to the property line (front or back). There are occasions (freeze/thaw cycle, ground settling in the area, water leak), where the curbstop may look like it's been raised up.

If your curbstop is broken or too high or low, please contact Water Services 403.948.8871 or email for repairs. 


Emergency Financial Assistance

Financial assistance for unexpected emergencies that aren't covered by a home insurance policy may be available through the Alberta Emergency Needs Allowance.

See to enquire.


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