Cart wizard

Good job Airdrie! You are cart wizards!

Thank you for making a positive impact on our environment by using your organics and recycling carts.

This summer, Waste and Recycling Services recognized residents for keeping Airdrie green and clean through the Cart Wizard program.Stickers were given to residents who placed their cart correctly and sorted their recycling and organics into the right cart.

Over 5000 carts were assessed during the program with 85% of organics carts and 44% of recycling carts receiving cart wizard stickers.


Contamination (things that don’t belong) can be costly.

Remember the following when sorting your waste, recycling and organics:

  1. Put all recyclables in your cart loose with the exception of stretchy plastics, like bags and film and shredded paper. Bundle stretchy plastics in one bag and put shredded paper in another.
  2. Separate materials before recycling. For example, take newspapers out of bags, paper out of boxes and cardboard flats out of plastic wrapping (think of the wrapping on a 24 pack of pop)
  3. Empty food in containers into your organics then rinse and recycle the container
    *Tip: Save time by putting your containers through your dishwasher when doing a load of dishes
  4. Bring textiles, aerosols and electronics to the Recycle Depot, don’t put them in your garbage or recycling car
  5. Put the following in the garbage not your recycling cart:
  • small plastics, like drink cup lids, straws, utensils and pop bottle caps
  • mixed packaging, like padded envelopes, pet food bags and Pringles® cans
  • crinkly packaging like granola bar wrappers and chip bags5 Recycle coffee cups (without lids)

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