Functional Long-term Transportation Planning

What do we want for Airdrie?

To help residents easily move around our city as our population grows and remove transportation as a barrier to business location in Airdrie.

What are we working on to get us there?

  • The City will work to secure funding for a 40th Avenue interchange and construction of an underpass beneath the railroad tracks on Yankee Valley Boulevard in the next 4 years.
  • The City will remove transportation barriers that may prevent businesses from locating in Airdrie. The City will look into options for relocating the weigh scales near Balzac.

Recent updates

The City recently received a letter from the Province demonstrating commitment and progress toward the 40 Avenue interchange. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Alberta Transportation Minister Brian Mason has committed to a 50/50 funding formula to share the construction costs of this project.
  • The interchange will also be placed on the Alberta Transportation Unfunded Capital Project list.
  • Alberta Transportation will be reviewing adding this project to a future capital plan.

These are positive steps forward for this initiative, as any increase in status at the provincial level demonstrates closer alignment with our own municipal priorities.

At the municipal level, detailed design for the interchange is 95 per cent complete and an application has been submitted to Alberta Environment and Parks for a realignment to Nose Creek that will be required at the interchange construction stage.  The City wants to ensure that there is a tender-ready package once Provincial funding becomes available.

The proposed 40th Avenue interchange is our most important transportation project. We’re pleased that incremental progress is being made and will continue to strongly advocate until a Provincial funding commitment is secured.



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