Downtown Airdrie


Airdrie, located in the Nose Creek Valley, began as a stopping point that was one day'sjourney north of Calgary in the late 1800s. The area was named after a village northeast of Glasgow, Scotland. The name "Airdrie" means "The King's Height." William McKenzie, a contracting engineer for the Calgary and Edmonton Railway, named the village in 1889. A unique feature of Airdrie is that its elevation makes it the highest city in Canada. It was incorporated as a village in 1909 with a population of 250.

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Our Global Connection - Airdrie's Twin Cities

Gwacheon City, South Korea 1997 - present

Gwacheon Park in Airdrie

In 1997, the City of Airdrie developed a sister city relationship with the City of Gwacheon, Korea. The sister city relationship started with the intent to provide opportunities for Airdrie residents to share cultural experiences, develop friendships and explore economic opportunities for local businesses with the City of Gwacheon. Although the relationship is inactive, we are proud of the many friendships that were developed by this strong international connection.

The butterfly symbol of the City of Gwacheon was used for the central flowerbeds, the flag poles and the sitting area that are located on the east side of Nose Creek Park. In 2007, six handcrafted totem poles were donated to the City of Airdrie by Gwacheon, Korea to commemorate 10 years of sharing a sister city relationship.

*Yuto-Cho, Japan   1995-2005

They City of Airdrie and Yuto-Cho, Japan, began a sisterhood relationship on July 4 1995. At the heart of the agreement was the sharing of two cultures through exchange and friendship. Aidrie and Yuto-Cho sought to develop economic, cultural and tourism opportunities, while at the same time, fostering respect between these two cities.

Each summer for 10 years, Airdrie families hosted Japanese students. Host families gave the students a taste of Airdrie life and friendships soon developed. In 2003, Airdrie students visited Yuto-Cho where they were embraced into the hearts and homes of the people of this warm community. In 2005, Yuto-Cho was annexed by nearby Hamamatsu and twinning activities lessened.

*Airdrie, Scotland   1987 - 1996

Airdrie, Scotland, is an ancient commercial centre dealing in cotton and woollen weaving along with mining, coal, and iron. It is only a short distance from the deep-sea port of Glasgow. In the late 1990's, Airdrie, Scotland, was annexed and the official twinning with Airdrie, Alberta, came to en end. However, there remains an ongoing level of interest and friendship between the residents of the two namesake cities.

*Excerpts from: Airdrie 1909-2009, Celebrating 100 years of history, community and opportunity. Anna M Rebus