Transit facility rooftop solar project

Airdrie’s second rooftop solar installation on top of Airdrie’s Transit facility was completed in late 2020. It is projected that the solar array will generate 410,000kwh of electricity in the first year, which will be used onsite. This is the equivalent of removing greenhouse gas emissions from 63 passenger vehicles driven for one year.

The solar array consists of 1024 solar panels and is projected to save the City approximately $84,000 annually, (based on average sunlight providing an annual output of 412MWh) which equates to a return on investment of approximately 12 years.

The project was made possible due to funding from the provincial Green Trip grant ($696,000), Municipal Climate Change Action Centre programs fund ($245,760) and the Federal Gas Tax Fund ($100,240).



Genesis Place rooftop solar project

GP solar project
The City worked with ENMAX Energy and CBI Solar to install 3,880 solar modules on the roof of Genesis Place.

The solar system at Genesis Place provides a source of renewable energy, while reducing overall electricity costs of Genesis Place by up to $80,000 annually. The modules power the facility’s scoreboard, heat the pool for swim meets and keep the lights on for art classes – all while reducing emissions by over 1,000 tonnes in the first year.

  • Canada’s Largest Municipal Rooftop Solar PV System
  • 1.55 MW System Capacity 
  • 3,880 Solar Modules


In April 2019 Council approved the addition of 240 modules on top of a double wing carport in the parking lot of Genesis Place; to provide visibility of the solar project to the public, provide some covered parking stalls, and to generate additional energy. 

The project was made possible due in large part to funding from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and the Federal Gas Tax Fund.


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