Capital Projects

Capital Projects is responsible for planning, budgeting and managing major capital projects. These projects include roadways, underground services, parks, facilities, all new building construction and major renovations.

Current Capital Projects:

  • Recreation facility land development
  • Oil grit separator
  • Upgrade NE pressure zone control valves
  • Sewer rehabilitation
  • Arterial landscaping
  • Parks pathway replacement
  • Nose Creek pony truss bridge landscaping
  • Luxstone pedestrian tunnel
If you have questions or concerns, please contact City of Airdrie Capital Projects Office at 403.948.8825 or

Recreation facility land development

2018 - 2025
Delivering the new recreation facility is a multi-year, multi-team process. Land acquisition was completed in 2018. Land planning and land development is scheduled to occur from 2019 to 2023, with facility design and construction taking place from 2021 to 2025.

Land planning, which precedes development is underway. The Neighbourhood Structure Plan will be submitted to the City in early 2020. It will provide a detailed level of planning information such as land uses, all road and land locations, types of residential and commercial development, parks and pathways, utility infrastructure and storm water management facilities, etc.

Stripping and grading will begin once the NSP has been approved.

Oil grit separator

The City has many drainage facilities that convey untreated stormwater into Nose Creek. These contaminants can have harmful effects on water bodies and aquatic organisms. To mitigate these issues, the City will undertake a 5-year program to provide quality treatment and physical rehabilitation of outfall locations. Treatment will be provided by installing oil/grit separators, which provide stormwater quality improvements.

Upgrade NE pressure zone control valves

The Northeast pressure zone is connected with the Main pressure zone via two pressure reducing stations allowing the system to back feed the Main pressure zone from the Northeast pressure zone. The valves have an internal and external coating; however, the external surface and the pilot system show signs of corrosion. The existing mechanical controls do not meet the pressure demands required between the Northeast and Main Pressure Zones, therefore, require upgrading. Continuous flow in the range of 20 – 30 L/s from Northeast to the Main pressure zone would provide the most efficient solution to maintain efficient water recirculation at the NE part of the city.

Sewer rehabilitation

July – October 2020
Segments of pipe and manholes are routinely monitored. The program identifies areas throughout the City that existing sanitary infrastructure has either failed or is likely to fail in the near future, pipes that are at or near capacity for flow. These areas are then scheduled for repairs, rehabilitation or replacement.

Arterial landscaping

The City collects levy moneys from developers to use for landscaping on medians/boulevards/entry areas of new communities.

Parks pathway replacement

The Parks department does a yearly assessment of asphalt pathways in the City. Pathways that are assessed as 'poor' are rebuilt.

Nose Creek pony truss bridge landscaping

August 2019 - September 2020
A new pathway to provide pedestrian connectivity between Edwards Way and Railway Avenue over the rebuilt pony truss bridge. The new pathway will also include seating, planting and interpretive signage about the area.


Luxstone CP Rail Pedestrian Tunnel

Project update - October 2020

The Capital Projects Office (CPO) attended Council Budget Committee on Monday Sept. 21 and presented a scope change that includes a detailed design of a retro-fit to the existing Luxstone tunnel. With Council's endorsement of the scope change, the CPO is now working in collaboration with CP Rail to collect information that may support design & construction in late 2020 or spring 2021. Prior to construction, the CPO will attend Council and provide an update on the proposed schedule. Some of the planned work is considered seasonal; therefore, it’s anticipated that construction will be completed in 2021.

Currently, pedestrians are using a modified drainage culvert under the CP rail tracks to get from Luxstone to Nose Creek. For lengthy periods during the year, this culvert is inaccessible because of high water and ice damming due to spring flooding and winter freezing. During times when the culvert is inaccessible, a significant number of pedestrians have been seen trespassing through CPR land to cross the tracks. This is very dangerous and is a concern for the City and CPR. It also demonstrates consistent ongoing user demand for a crossing at this location.

The existing Luxstone tunnel is closed due to seasonal conditions. The tunnel remains open during favourable conditions and closes depending on seasonal conditions such as: freezing temperatures, spring run-off and summer rainfall.


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