Capital Projects

Capital Projects is responsible for planning, budgeting and managing major capital projects. These projects include roadways, underground services, parks, facilities, all new building construction and major renovations.

Current Capital Projects:

  • Transit storage and maintenance facility
  • Solar project
  • Yankee Valley Boulevard top lift and pathway paving
  • Luxstone pedestrian tunnel
  • 8 Street widening/deficiency work (concrete and asphalt)
  • East Lake outdoor ice rink
  • Arterial landscaping
  • Parks pathway replacement
  • Nose Creek pony truss bridge landscaping
If you have questions or concerns, please contact City of Airdrie Capital Projects Office at 403.948.8825 or

Transit storage and maintenance facility

April 18, 2019 - June 2020
Construction of an indoor storage facility for buses, three maintenance bays and Administration space for City of Airdrie staff and Airdrie Transit contractors.

Project awarded to Clark Builders.

Solar project

January - end of October 2019
The City is working with ENMAX Energy and CBI Solar to install Canada’s largest municipal rooftop solar system on the roof of Genesis Place. The project will also include a covered carport in the north parking lot. The carport will involve the supply and installation of 240 modules on top of the original 3880 solar modules already installed on the roof. The total system is expected to produce approximately 1.71 GWh (equivalent to powering 237 average households for the year)

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Yankee Valley Boulevard pathway paving

July 2 - Aug. 19, 2019
Construction of a new pathway and boulevard grading on the south side of Yankee Valley BV between Chinook Gate and 24 St., including curb/gutter replacement, a final surface layer of asphalt and permanent line painting.

Update:  As of August 14, the roadworks paving and line painting is complete.  Pathway paving is outstanding and will be completed once the ground has dried out.

East Lake outdoor ice rink

July – October 2019
A Parks lifecycle program that involves replacing old wood rink boards and puck stop fencing with new High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) puck boards and new chain link fencing puck stop.

Arterial landscaping

Q2 - October 2019
The City collects levy moneys from developers to use for landscaping on medians/boulevards/entry areas of new communities. 

Parks pathway replacement

May – October 2019
The Parks department does a yearly assessment of asphalt pathways in the City. Pathways that are assessed as 'poor' are rebuilt. 

Nose Creek pony truss bridge landscaping

August 2019 - September 2020 
A new pathway to provide pedestrian connectivity between Edwards Way and Railway Avenue over the rebuilt pony truss bridge. The new pathway will also include seating, planting and interpretive signage about the area.


Luxstone CP Rail Pedestrian Tunnel-ON HOLD

Project update - October 2019

In 2019, the City had planned to construct a new pedestrian tunnel under the CP rail tracks to link Luxstone to Nose Creek Park.

Detailed design for this work was finalized in January and the City was hoping to have the tunnel open by September. Unfortunately, the tender submissions the City received to complete this work came in over the anticipated budget. The City is working with our contractors to understand how the work was costed to possibly re-scope the work and execution method for this project.

The Capital Projects Office (CPO) is responsible for delivering the project. The CPO will provide information to Council Budget Committee and Council at the next quarterly Capital Budget update in November of 2019. This project is on hold until further notice.

Currently, pedestrians are using a modified drainage culvert under the CP rail tracks to get from Luxstone to Nose Creek. For lengthy periods during the year, this culvert is inaccessible because of high water and ice damming due to spring flooding and winter freezing. During times when the culvert is inaccessible, a significant number of pedestrians have been seen trespassing through CPR land to cross the tracks. This is very dangerous and is a concern for the City and CPR. It also demonstrates consistent ongoing user demand for a crossing at this location. Although the project is on hold, both the City and CPR are committed to finding a safe solution for pedestrian connectivity.

The existing Luxstone tunnel is closed due to seasonal conditions. The tunnel remains open during favourable conditions and closes depending on seasonal conditions such as: freezing temperatures, spring run-off and summer rainfall.


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