Online Bookings

Booking childcare online is quick and easy. Use our step-by-step process below or view our pdf. for booking instructions and information on childcare at Genesis Place.

1. Sign in at myAIRDRIE (if you don’t already have an account you will need to create one).

2. Once you log into myAIRDRIE, scroll down to the Recreation, Programming and Facility Booking tab. Click View my Schedule. 

3. To schedule a childcare spot, select Schedule at the top left corner of the page. 

4. Under Appointments, select Childcare

5. Select the appropriate service based on your child's age and then select the duration. For example, if your child is under the age of one please select "childcare - infant" Once you have selected a given duration, select the Choose button. 

6. Select any instructor and the system will pick the next available spot for you.

7. Select the time that you want. 

8. You will now be prompted to review your selection and click REGISTER

9. If your child has a pass for monthly childcare (not-drop-in) you will now select the child you are booking for using the check box beside their name. Click Next.

10. If you have purchased a continuous childcare pass, or any of our hour session childcare passes, you will see no charge. If you haven't purchased a childcare pass and are paying on a drop-in basis you will charged a drop-in fee at this point. If you are happy with your selection, select Check Out

*For multiple bookings (multiple children or multiple time slots): Once you get to the review panel on your booking you may select the "book another event" button to select another child to book for, or to add more dates and time to your schedule. 

11. If you do not have to pay a drop-in fee you will receive a Thank You confirmation. 

12. If you are paying on a drop-in basis, you will complete your payment by following the prompts on the page. When payment is complete you will receive a Thank You confirmation. 


No-show/cancellation policy

Due to space limitations we do have a no-show/cancellation policy for our childcare bookings. We know mistakes happen, kids get sick, and sometimes your schedule can be unpredictable. If you have to cancel your booking, please reach out as soon as possible so we are able to open up your spot to another family.

If you do not show up for your scheduled time you will be given an initial warning. Any further no-shows after your initial warning will result in future bookings being removed from the system.

Genesis Place staff reserve the right to withdraw bookings or cancel childcare memberships in the event of frequent no-shows or booking cancellations.


Important changes

We are excited to open up childcare bookings online! This means you will be able to schedule your childcare needs on the go at anytime. Here are some important notes about how our online bookings will change our current process. 

  • Childcare staff will no longer be taking childcare booking requests. All bookings will need to be completed online or in person at our Customer Service desk. This allows our childcare staff to focus all of their time and attention on caring for your children while they join us.

  • Childcare bookings will only be open six weeks in advance (which you can book online, in person or by phone at Customer Service). Although you are able to book at a six week timeframe we ask that you are mindful of the space you are booking. Our childcare room has limited space so we want to ensure that our families are able to book the space they require. Please read about our no-show/cancellation policy before booking your space. 

  • If you are registered in a program where you need childcare for specific dates we can accommodate this! All you need is proof of your program registration and we will help you schedule your childcare needs for the duration of your program.

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