Developing your basement

Developing your basementThinking of developing or renovating your basement? Your first step is to apply for a basement development permit. If you are planning on developing a secondary suite, please contact Planning to determine whether your house is zoned for a secondary suite.

An inspection is required once the framing and electrical rough-in, HVAC, plumbing and gas rough-ins are complete, prior to insulation or drywall being hung.

The developing your basement guideline outlines what you will need to apply for your permit, as well as the basic for electrical, gas and plumbing information.

To apply for a basement development permit, complete the accessory permit application form below and submit it to Building Inspections. A list of the permit application requirements have been provided in the accessory permit application checklist below.

If you are a homeowner wishing to perform electrical, plumbing or gas work, please note that a homeowner's declaration will be required with your permit application. The homeowners permits guidelines in the accessory permit checklist provides further information.

The cost of the required permits are set out in the permit fees bylaw


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