Lead sampling

In March 2019, Health Canada changed their guidelines about maximum acceptable levels of lead in our drinking water.

Lead piping has never been found within the City and all known pipes are copper, polyethylene or polybutylene but as part of Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP)’s assessment, the Water Services department will be conducting lead water sampling at residential addresses in 2020 and 2021.

Our team will take a sample, which will then be sent to an accredited lab to be analyzed.

Once we get the results, we’ll share them with you. If we find out that your water is above the maximum acceptable lead concentration, we will contact you to do retesting.

Lead is not found in the Bow or Elbow Rivers (where The City of Calgary gets the water that is sent to Airdrie). The City of Airdrie tests for lead annually and results have been undetectable (close to 0) to 0.009 mg/L over the past few years. It meets or exceeds all provincial and federal health guidelines.


The personal information you provide is being collected under the authority of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, Potable Water Regulation 16(1) for the sole purpose of conducting the waterworks system lead survey of tap water. Please note that your tap water sample results and your address will be disclosed to Alberta Environment and Parks as part of required reporting under this program. Your personal information will not be shared further unless you provide additional consent to do so. By providing your tap water sample and personal information, you are consenting to this collection, use and disclosure. If you have any questions about this program or the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, please contact Water Services at water.services@airdrie.ca or at 403.948.8871



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