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Airdrie's Right for Your Business Voucher Program offers up to $2,000 in financial aid to pay for critical advisors and business professionals to help your business survive the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What does your business need?

Marketing help, IT support, legal advice... there is a voucher for that!


 You know what help your business needs, let us connect you!

This is a FREE program. No strings attached. Just help for your business.


Program overview and components

Needs Assessment

All businesses will be required to complete a confidential telephone needs assessment with a member of the Economic Development department.

Financial Review

If your business requires a financial review or if you require guidance on government COVID-19 programs for businesses, you will be connected with a local accountant for a one-hour review.

At this meeting you will receive a confidential high-level financial review that could include:

  • Review of revenues/expenses
  • Review of government programs and funding opportunities
  • Financial advice

Voucher Program
The Voucher Program will provide eligible businesses with additional support and/or technical training or services from business professionals, which could include: 
  • Human resource consulting
  • Mental health professional support
  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Business coaching
  • Business operation strategies; recovery plans and resiliency planning
  • IT support/digital transformation
  • Web development
  • Marketing strategic support
  • Insurance support
  • Legal support
  • Financial advising
  • Commercial Lease advising
  • Health & Safety/PPE
  • Connecting with a local mentor
The Voucher Program cannot be used for: operational expenditures such as rent, debt servicing, paying of wages or salary, purchases of inventory, etc.

Program eligibility criteria

Program eligibility includes:

  • Businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19/COVID-19 restrictions
    • Businesses who are currently being affected by the Provincial Health restrictions will be given priority
  • Businesses that are the owner's primary source of income
  • Commercial and home-based businesses with a valid City of Airdrie business license and located within Airdrie's city limits

*This program has limited space.


Cost of the program

Program is free to licensed Airdrie businesses.


Apply to the program

All information provided in your application form is completely confidential and is only reviewed for the purpose of the Right for Your Business Voucher Program.

Apply Now!

Airdrie Economic Development will schedule your Needs Assessment once we've received your application.


Not sure if you should apply?

If you have questions about applying to the Right for Your Business Voucher Program contact us at 403.948.8844 or economic.development@airdrie.ca.


COVID-19 Resources

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