Special roadway events

Due to overwhelming requests, Municipal Enforcement has updated the guidelines for special roadway events in an effort to support and encourage safe and appropriate celebrations. 

Events for less than 15 vehicles

  • No more then 15 vehicles
  • Drivers must obey all rules of the road and not impede traffic – vehicles should not stop or slow in front of residences in such a way that impedes traffic lanes.
  • As your route takes vehicles through residential neighbourhoods, we ask that you keep the noise to a minimum and that these events occur between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Events for more than 15 vehicles

Any event greater then 15 cars must fill out an application for a parade permit. However, we will make every attempt to accommodate shorter timeframes when possible.
  • All the same rules as above apply.
  • Enforcement support may be required and requested. If this is not possible due to timeframe of application and or limited enforcement resources then the application will be denied and alternatives given such as – reduce the number to 15 or less cars, and splitting the group in two.
  • Any violation of anything in the Traffic Safety Act is a ticketable offense
  • The fine is $100 for holding a parade/special roadway event and $100 for failing to comply with conditions of the parade permit.

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