Arena COVID protocol

  •  Participants may access the facility 15 minutes prior to booking start time.  **Effective Monday, October 26th participants may access 30 minutes prior to booking start time (excluding public skate opportunities).**
  • Parents/guardians and participants should follow signage on doors (to indicate entry or exit), follow directional arrows, stay in dedicated walking lanes and avoid areas that have been barricaded.
  • Participants are encouraged to arrive fully dressed and ready to skate.
  • Participants must bring their own water bottle as water fountains are not in use.
  • Change room use is discouraged. Participants may quickly pass through change rooms to drop off skate guards, change from their shoes to skates or to access the ice.
  • Change rooms have a 6-person capacity (Genesis Place & Plainsmen) or 8-person capacity (Ron Ebbesen) for non-cohort groups.
  • The arenas will have additional seating specifically for participants to tie/untie skates. The use of skate guards may still be required when walking from designated skate tie areas to the ice surfaces.
  • Parent/guardian may accompany their child (if necessary) to the change rooms/additional skate tie areas and then proceed immediately to the viewing area. Parent/guardian must maintain physical distance while doing so.
  • There is no loitering in the lobby.
  • Participants must vacate the arena within 15 minutes after booking end time.
  • Parent/guardian may wait in the lobby to collect their child (if necessary) and then promptly vacate the building.
  • No shower facilities available.
  • Spitting is not permitted on or off the ice.
  • If parents/guardians and participants are unable to maintain physical distance, non-medical face masks should be worn in common areas.


With 2 metres of distance maintained between members of different households or cohorts, the following number of spectators/cohort groups are permitted:

Ron Ebbesen
Blue - 55 spots
Murray Buchanan (Gold) - 20 spots

Genesis Place
Shane - 41 spots
Rocky View - 41 spots

20 spots


Bookings and reservations

Please visit our ice rental page for information and booking ice/dry page rental times.


Contact us

Genesis Place

P. 403.948.8804

F. 403.948.0604


Genesis Place
Monday to Friday
5:30 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday
7 a.m. - 9 p.m.