Aquatics COVID protocol

  • Wash or sanitize your hands before and after your visit.
  • Arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your booking and vacate the change room within 15 minutes after your reservation. Patrons are encouraged to minimize the use of the change rooms and to shower before/after at home.
  • All personal items must be secured in a locker. Please disinfect lockers before and after use.
  • Aquatic equipment/toys are not available. Please bring your own goggles, water bottle, training gear (kick board, pull buoy, etc.) and lifejacket for those requiring assistance in the water.
  • The steam room remains closed
  • Viewing areas are limited, spectators are discouraged. Please be mindful of your surroundings and maintain 2 meters of space between yourself and others.
  • Maintain proper physical distancing (2 metres of space between individuals or cohort/family groups).
  • Personal use of goggles is encouraged
  • If you are wearing a mask it must be removed prior to entering the pool water.
  • Chlorinated water is an effective disinfectant, risk of transmission from contact with properly treated pool water is considered minimal.
  • All rental organizers are to be aware of the current AHS guidelines as related to aquatics and recreation and be able to produce to a public health inspector, upon demand, a written COVID-19 relaunch plan specific to your use.

Hot Tub Protocol

  • Maximum capacity = 7 spots
  • Sit only in designated spots, if all spots are full please wait for a spot to be vacated
  • Due to the reduced capacity we kindly ask that you be respectful of other pool users, limit your stay to a maximum of 10 minutes
  • In order to utilize the hot tub you must have one of the following reservations:
    • Public Swim Drop-in
    • Lane Swim Drop-in
    • Aquatic Fitness Drop-in

Bookings and reservations

We’re excited to welcome you back!

Before you begin your registration, please be aware of a few things:

  • You must have a reservation to use the pool.
  • Users can register 7 days in advance.
  • Please remember to scan your pass when you arrive at the facility or you will be directed to our Customer Service desk to pay your drop-in fee or renew your pass.
  • Want to reactivate your pass? Send us an email at and let us know what day you will be returning. We will take care of the rest.

Here’s how you’ll register:

  1. Sign into your myAIRDRIE account
  2. Scroll down to the Recreation, Programming and Facility Booking tab. Click ‘Register for Courses’
  3. You’ll come to our ‘Drop-in Reservations’ section. From there, you may choose the category you wish to book and click ‘Select Courses’.
  4. You’ll then click ‘Register’ on the day and time you want to come to the facility.
  5. Select the individual the reservation for and click, ‘Check Out’.

You’re all set!

Questions about booking a spot? Give us a call at 403.948.8804 or email us at


No show/cancellation policy

Due to space limitations we do enforce a no-show/cancellation policy for our pool and fitness class reservations. We know mistakes happen and sometimes your schedule can be unpredictable. To cancel your bookings please call 403.948.8804 and speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives or withdraw  online.

Here's how:

  1. Log in to myAIRDRIE and go to the Recreation, Programming and Facility Booking tab.
  2. Select 'View My Schedule'.
  3. Click on 'My Info' in the top left hand corner.
  4. Select the family member you with to withdraw from the reservation.
  5. From there you will select 'Schedules' and then switch to 'List View'.
  6. Select 'Actions' and withdraw from the course you would like to withdraw from.
  7. Select 'Withdraw'.

If you do not show up for your fitness class reservation you will be given an initial warning. Any further no-shows after your initial warning will result in future reservations being removed from the system.


Contact us

Genesis Place

P. 403.948.8804

F. 403.948.0604


Genesis Place
Monday to Friday
5:30 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday
7 a.m. - 9 p.m.