West Hills Community NSP

The City has received an application for the proposed West Hills Community Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) and land use bylaw amendment/rezoning.The applicant is also proposing an amendment to the West Hills Community Area Structure Plan to align it with the proposed NSP. The proposed NSP covers ± 65 ha (160 ac) of lands described as SE 10-27-1-W5M, located on the west side of Airdrie, half a mile south of Veterans Boulevard and bounded by 24th Street to the east. The plan area is within the approved West Hills CASP and will be comprised predominantly of residential uses.

We have also received a separate but related application to expand the existing West Hills Community Area Structure Plan (CASP). The proposed amendment seeks to add the three adjacent quarter sections of land to the west and ± 40 ha (99 acres) of land immediately to the north.

What is a Community Area Structure Plan?

A Community Area Structure Plan (CASP) is the first of the five stages in the planning process in Airdrie. A CASP is required prior to the redesignation of rural, greenfield and/or urban holding lands for large-scale urban development. A CASP identifies the general use of land, transportation and utilities concept.

What is a Neighbourhood Structure Plan?

A Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) is the second of five stages in the planning for these lands. An NSP guides and directs the specific land use, subdivision and development of the new community. The NSP provides details on the local street networks; the exact location of schools, parks and pathways; the distribution of housing types; architectural themes and the provision of essential services.

How does an NSP work?

The diagram below shows the land development process within the City of Airdrie.


Once an NSP has been approved, the lands will be rezoned. Following rezoning, the individual lots are created through subdivision and then construction of the new neighbourhood will commence.

How can you get involved?

As part of the upcoming planning process, the developers will be hosting a virtual Open House on. Tuesday, March 30th from 6:30-8:00 pm to solicit feedback from the public on the proposed NSP and associated CASP amendment.

Previous public outreach conducted by the developer occurred on September 23, 2020 and February 23, 2021.  

In addition, a public hearing will be held to provide affected stakeholders a final opportunity to provide comments before the plans are adopted by Council. Once the application goes before Council, a copy of Staff Reports and Council Meeting minutes will be available on the Council Agendas, Minutes, Synopses and Video pages.

Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

The Draft West Hills Community NSP and the accompanying Draft CASP Amendment will be considered by the MPC on April 15th, 2021. Please visit this page for further details. 

Public Hearing

The Draft West Hills Community NSP and the accompanying Draft CASP Amendment will be presented to Council at a Public Hearing during Council meeting on May 18, 2021 at 5 p.m. (Please note the Public Hearing previosuly scheduled for Monday, May 17th was rescheduled for Tuesday, May 18th at 5 p.m.)

At the Public Hearing affected residents may speak to the application.

To view the draft documents please click on the links below:
• Approved Wildflower NSP (Formerly West Hills Community NSP)
Approved West Hills CASP (amendment)


The West Hills NSP and CASP development partners are:

West Hills NSP & CASP Amendment:
Minto Communities - SE 10-27-1-W5M

West Hills CASP Expansion:
Minto Communities - SW 10-27-1-W5M
Private Landowners – Pt of NE 10-27-1-W5M
Private Landowners – NW 3-27-1-W5M
Private Landowners – SW 3-27-1-W5M

To contact Minto please email: planning@groundcubed.com or visit their project website: www.cultivateideas.ca/west-hills

Please visit this project webpage throughout the process for further resources and important dates. For further information, please contact the file manager.

File Manager:
Daria McDonald, RPP, MCIP
403.948.8800 ext. 6417


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