Masks are mandatory in Airdrie

A mandatory face covering bylaw is in place in the city of Airdrie. A mask or face covering is required in all public settings.

You can review the bylaw here.


Mandatory Face Covering (Mask) Bylaw

With the Enhanced Status, our mandatory face coverings (mask) bylaw went into effect November 6, 2020.

  • Masks are now mandatory in all indoor public spaces
    • This excludes any premises for which there is an enrolment or membership requirement in order to access it, for example: schools and daycares. The rule of thumb is: if the public does not have access to it, it will be exempt under the bylaw
  • Masks are now mandatory in all public vehicles unless the person is separated from other person by an installed screen shield or other barrier.
  • Exemptions to the face covering (mask) bylaw:
    • Children under 5
    • Persons with underlying medical conditions or disability which inhibits their ability to wear a face covering
    • Persons who are unable to place or remove a face covering safely without assistance
    • Persons who are seated at a table or bar at a public premises that offers food or beverage services
    • Persons engaging in an athletic or fitness activity
    • Persons who a caregiving for or accompanying a person with a disability where wearing a face covering would hinder the accommodation of the person’s disability
    • Person who have temporarily removed their face covering where doing so is necessary to provide or receive a service or at the request of an operator or proprietor for security purposes.
  • The mandatory face coverings requirement will remain in effect until 14 days after the Enhanced designation is removed by the Province.

Why is our mandatory mask bylaw in effect?

This summer, City Council passed a bylaw for mandatory face coverings if Airdrie reached the COVID-19 relaunch ‘enhanced’ status. 

Decisions regarding Airdrie’s status (open, watch, or enhanced) are made by the Government of Alberta in consultation with the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health. Info on these statuses can be found here.

The watch status is based solely on the number of cases per 100,000 in a community. It is enacted when there are at least 10 active cases and more than 50 active cases per 100,000. So with Airdrie’s population of 70,000, that works out to about 36-38 cases.

Enhanced is not based on the number of cases; it is determined by considering multiple factors. Factors include:

  • the impact of case numbers on the health care system
  • the rate of change in case numbers
  • the total number of cases
  • the proportion of cases linked to outbreaks or known sources. 

For example, if a family left the county on a holiday and all came back with COVID (but isolated for 14 days), this increase in cases could be traced to their travel. However, if the same number of people contracted COVID in our community without a traced source, that could raise alarm bells. Additionally, if the number of people in hospital or intensive care units suddenly increased placing extreme pressures on the health care system, this in combination with other impacts may lead to a need for enhanced measures. Alberta Health will continue to assess the situation in Airdrie and will consult with us when they believe enhanced measures are needed.


Mask up to keep our cases down.

Wearing a homemade or non-medical mask in public is another tool to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. It hasn’t been proven that masks protect the person wearing it, but it can help protect people from being exposed to your germs.

Masks should complement – not replace – other prevention measures. Continue physical distancing and good hand hygiene, and stay home when sick.

Encourage others to Mask Up too!

Please print and post or share the resources below in your home, business or on your social media.

As more resources are created we'll share them here for you to use.

We appreciate your help in encouraging others to wear a face covering or mask when in public. Together we'll protect our community and keep cases of COVID-19 in Airdrie down.


Information from Alberta's Chief Medical Officer

For more information please visit

Wearing a mask

What to do

What not to do
Wash or sanitize your hands:
  • before putting it on
  • before taking it off
  • after taking it off
Don't touch your face under the mask
Inspect the mask, holding it by the ties or loops. Discard if damaged or dirty Don't touch the front of the mask – remove or adjust using the ties or ear loops
Tighten with ties or ear loops to reduce gaps Don't wear it under your nose or your chin
Keep nose, mouth and chin covered at all times Don't wear a wet, torn or dirty mask
Remove if wet, torn or dirty and dispose in a lined garbage bin Don’t wear the same mask for a long period of time – change when it becomes damp
Store cloth masks in a sealed bag until it can be washed in hot, soapy water Don’t share with another person




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