2021 Municipal Election Candidates

More information on candidates and their platforms can be found by visiting the candidate websites and other resources provided below. Please know that these links will open in a new browser window.

Airdrie Elections does not review candidate websites or social media accounts for accuracy or completeness and is not responsible for the content provided there. 

Candidate Forums

The Airdrie Chamber of Commerce hosted an online candidate forum on Tuesday, Oct. 5. A recording may be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6slm4XNHceg 

A community-hosted arts and culture focused candidate forum was hosted on Oct. 7. A recording may be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/kim.cheel.1/videos/1020210645215414


Candidates for Mayor

(listed in alphabetical order)

Allan Hunter
Phone: 587-322-5550
Email: aljhunter@shaw.ca
Website: mayorhunter.ca

Lindsey Coyle
Phone: 403-831-2883
Email: lindsey@lindseycoyle.com
Website: lindseycoyle.com
Facebook: Lindsey Coyle Mayor Hopeful


Peter Brown
Email: brown06@telus.net
Website: www.electpeterbrown.com
Facebook: Elect Peter Brown


Candidates for Councillor

(listed in alphabetical order)


Al Jones
Phone: 403-703-5529
Email: Alioops@shaw.ca
Facebook: al.jones 


Candice Kolson
Phone: 403-828-1448
Email: candicekolson@mail.com
Website: www.candicekolson.ca
Facebook: candicekolson


Chris Glass
Phone: 403-869-1414
Email: chris@chrisglassforairdrie.com
Website: www.chrisglassforairdrie.com
Facebook: ChrisGlassAirdrie


Chris Stockton
Phone: 403-831-0390
Email: chris.r.stockton@gmail.com
Website: www.stockton4airdrie.com


Darrell Belyk
Phone: 403-862-8643
Email: darrell.belyk@shaw.ca
Website: darrellbelyk.ca
Twitter: @DarrellBelyk 


Derrick Greenwood
Phone: 403-975-5816
Email: contact@derrickgreenwood.ca
Website: derrickgreenwood.ca
Facebook: @DerrickGreenwoodCouncil


Heather Spearman
Email: info@heatherspearman.com
Website: heatherspearman.com
Facebook: hspearmano

Jaclyn Dorchak
Email: jaclyn.dorchak@outlook.com
Website: www.jaclyndorchak.com
Instagram: @jaclyndorchak4council2021


Jay Raymundo
Phone Number: 403-630-1553
Email: nrg.fitness@gmail.com
Website: vote-for-jay-raymundo


Lore Perez
Email: loreperez.airdrie@gmail.com
Website: www.votelore.ca
Facebook: Candidate for Airdrie city council Lore Perez


Mark Steffler
Email: marksteffler4council@gmail.com
Website: www.marksteffler.ca 
Twitter: @MarkSteffler1

Rachael Mercedes
Phone: 403-703-6342
Email: stepstohealingpath@yahoo.com
Website: rachaelforcitycouncil.ca


Reggie Lang
Phone Number: 403-912-1919
Email: reggie_lang@hotmail.com
Facebook: reggielangairdrie

Ron Chapman
Phone: 403-992-4604 
Email: ron@myfamilies.ca
Website: ronchapman.ca
Twitter: @Chapman_Ron


Sunday Adeleye
Phone: 403-370-4005
Email: info@sundayadeleye.ca
Website: www.sundayadeleye.ca
Facebook: adeleyesundayadeyemi


Tanveer Taj
Phone: 403-619-0895
Email: tanveertaj@hotmail.com
Facebook: vote4taj


Tina Petrow
Email: votetinapetrow@gmail.com
Website: tinapetrow.com
Facebook: @InvestedInAirdrie


Trevor Cameron
Phone Number: 403-980-6843
Email: trevorfcameron@gmail.com
Website: trevorfcameron.ca
Twitter: @trevorfcameron


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