Campaign Finances

All candidates are responsible for reviewing the relevant sections of the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) to ensure they are compliant with all requirements.

Definition of a Campaign Expense

As per section 147.1(1) of the LAEA, a campaign expense means any expense incurred by a candidate, or non-monetary contribution received by a candidate that is used to directly promote or oppose a candidate during a campaign period.

This may include:

  • The production of advertising or promotional material.
  • The distribution, broadcast or publication of advertising or promotional material in any media or by any other means during a campaign period, including by the use of a capital asset.
  • The payment of remuneration and expenses to or on behalf of a person for the person’s services as a chief financial officer or in any other capacity.
  • Securing a meeting place.
  • The conduct of election surveys or other surveys or research during a campaign period.
  • The production of a review engagement (as defined in the Chartered Professional Accountants Act) for expenses or contributions of $50,000 or more.


Please remember: The information on this website is provided for reference only. Candidates are subject to further requirements in the Local Authorities Election Act. Candidates are advised to refer to the LAEA and obtain legal advice regarding the full extent of their obligations.


Campaign Contribution Limits

A candidate must be nominated before incurring any campaign expenses or accepting contributions.

An individual Albertan may contribution up to $5,000 per candidate for both municipal and school board trustee candidates during the campaign period.

A candidate may contribute up to $10,000 to their own campaign during the campaign period.

A person may accept up to $5,000 in the aggregate, per year, outside of the campaign period.

A person may contribute up to $10,000 per year, outside of the campaign period.

The donation portion of fundraising contributions are now subject to contribution limits and disclosure requirements.

If you are interested in becoming a candidate, visit How Do I Run? to learn more.


During your campaign

During campaigning, candidates must:

  • Issue receipts for every contribution. A receipt must include:
    • date of contribution;
    • name of individual contributor;
    • address of individual contributor; and
    • amount contributed.
  • Obtain receipts for every expense.
  • Open a campaign account at a financial institution when contributions exceed $1,000; even of the campaign is self-funded
  • When a campaign account is opened, place all contributions into the account.
  • Use money for payment of campaign expenses only.
  • Do not accept contributions from people outside of Alberta.
  • Do not accept contributions from corporations and unincorporated organizations.
  • Do not accept contributions from trade unions and employee organizations.
  • Do not work with third parties to avoid contribution or expense limits.

General Information

Candidates must be nominated before incurring any campaign expenses or accepting contributions.

The donation portion of fundraising contributions are now subject to contribution limits and disclosure requirements.

Candidates will not be permitted to carry over campaign surpluses.

Surpluses greater than $1,000 must have an amount donated to charity that will result in the surplus being less than $1,000.

Surpluses less than $1,000 may be retained by the candidate or be donated to a registered charity.

If a candidate’s disclosure statement shows a deficit, the deficit must be eliminated within 60 days after filing the disclosure statement.

Candidates must open a dedicated campaign bank account when contributions reach $1,000 and must include monies contributed by the candidate for their campaign.

Candidates must disclose names and addresses of all donations exceeding $50.

Financial disclosure statements are now required for all self-funded campaigns of any amount.

Candidates who spend $50,000 or more are required to file a review engagement, as defined under the Chartered Professional Accountants Act, with their campaign disclosure statements.

Anonymous and unauthorized contributions should be returned to the contributor if the contributor’s identify can be established or if the contributor’s identify cannot be established, pay an amount equivalent to the contribution to a registered charity or to the City of Airdrie.


After the Election

Candidates must declare, by March 1, 2022, their campaign contributions and expenses and the resulting surplus or deficit on Form 26 - Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement.

After the election, all candidates are required to follow these rules:

  • Keep records of contributions and expenses as outlined in the Local Authorities Election Act.
  • File a campaign disclosure statement by March 1, 2022.
  • If you have expenses or contributions of $50,000 or more, file a review engagement with the disclosure statement.
  • Within 60 days of filing a disclosure statement, candidates can retain surplus amounts under $1,000. Amounts of $1,000 and more must be donated to a registered charity.
  • Eliminate campaign deficits 60 days after filing a disclosure statement.
  • File an amended disclosure statement within 30 days after the 60-day period showing any surplus or deficit has been dealt with according to Local Authorities Election Act requirements.


Complaints regarding elections finances or contribution disclosures as per Part 5.1 and Part 8 of the Local Authorities Election Act, can be made directly to the Alberta Election Commissioner.

When submitting a complaint, you will be asked to provide:

Your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

A factual description of matters related to your complaint including events, dates, individual(s) involved, circumstances, and the action or inaction that you believe may be an offence.

Copies of any documents that you believe are relevant.

Complaints may be submitted to the Election Commissioner by:

By Mail

Elections Alberta

Compliance and Enforcement Unit

100, 11510 Kingsway NW

Edmonton, AB T5G 2Y5

By Email:

By Phone: 780.644.1250 (toll free 310-0000 then 780.644.1250)


Any other complaints, in relation to the LAEA, should be directed to Returning Officer in which the violation, or potential violation, occurred by emailing


More info

This presentation provided by the Government of Alberta for municipalities provides helpful information about election finances and contributions disclosure.


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