Election signs and advertising

Election Sign Locations
The City of Airdrie has a number of designated locations on municipal land that election signs can be placed. Please see the Candidate Information Package or contact us to obtain a printed copy.

Be sure to ask permission before putting signs on private land and submit a locate request through Alberta One Call (1-800-242-3447) before you dig.

Please be aware that these rules only apply within Airdrie's boundaries. For the placement of election signs within Provincial Highway's rights-of-ways, visit Alberta Transportation's guidelines.

Bylaws to Note
These bylaws must be followed for your election advertising:

The applicable sections of these bylaws are also included in the Candidate Information Package.

Election advertising and campaigning can occur at any time, however election signs can not be displayed on any public property until August 19, 2021 (60 days prior to election day) and must be removed 72 hours after election day.

Questions and concerns about the size and placement of election signs can be directed to Planning and Development.


Third Party Advertising

Election advertising period - May 1 to Oct. 18, 2021.

Third parties who engage or intend to engage in election advertising must register with the City of Airdrie at elections@airdrie.ca

There are changes to third party advertising. Read more about the LAEA amendments here.

Who is a Third Party Advertiser?

A Third Party Advertiser (TPA) can be an individual, corporation or group but does not include a candidate. A TPA promotes or opposes the election of a candidate during the election advertising period.

When should a Third Party Advertiser register?

Registration with Elections Calgary is required when a Third Party Advertiser has incurred (or plans to incur) expenses of at least $1,000 for election advertising or has accepted (or plans to accept) advertising contributions of at least $1,000.

Third Party Advertiser information

The Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) includes rules governing the finances and accountability of third parties that engage or intend to engage in election advertising. Please reference the LAEA and the Third party advertising guidelines for more information.


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