Fallen trees & branch damage

When making a claim against the City for property damage related to City trees, there are several factors that are considered in determining the city’s legal liability. Some of these factors include:

  • Whether there was any visible evidence of decay prior to the incident
  • Whether the City was put on notice or was aware of the condition of the tree prior to the incident
  • If the City was aware of the condition of the tree
  • Whether the City’s inspection and maintenance activities were reasonable

The mere fact that a City tree caused damage does not warrant automatic compensation from the City. An investigation will look into the history of the tree to consider all factors. A branch falling from a City tree during a windstorm or weather event does not necessarily mean the City was negligent.


If you wish to proceed with a claim for damages

Step One: Contact Your Insurance Representative
If your property was damaged due to a fallen tree or branch, notify your insurance provider. Your own insurance policy may cover the costs of your damage.

If they believe the City to be legally liable, they will attempt to recover from the City.

Step Two: File your claim on time (Within 30 days)
You have 30 days from the date of your loss or damage to report your claim to the City of Airdrie for claims involving repair to roads, public placed or public works.

Step Three: Submit a Claims Form
Complete the online Claim Submission Form.


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