After the fire

The information below can aid in the adjustment and recovery after a fire, and can also assist in reducing loss.


Assessing the damage

After the fire, people notice damage that appears unnecessary, such as broken windows or holes in the roof. There is a reason for this damage. Fires produce smoke, gases and temperatures well over 650°C (1200°F). The building must be ventilated quickly to help reduce the spread of fire. Often, walls must be forcibly opened so that hidden fires may be completely extinguished. Without the use of these firefighting techniques, the building may have suffered total destruction by fire.

The City of Airdrie will be notified if your property has suffered structural damage, and an inspection will be conducted. Once a building has been damaged by fire, it is subject to the regulations of the current building codes.

Before attempting any repairs or reconstruction, check with Building Inspections to determine if a permit is required.


Restoring utilities

Often the Fire Department will have utilities shut off or disconnected as a safety precaution and to prevent any further damage to the structure and the contents.

The City of Airdrie Utility Department, Fortis and Atco Natural Gas Co Ltd will not repair damage to housing wiring, sewage pipes or water and gas lines on the customer’s side of the meter or service valve.

A private contractor may be hired to make these repairs. All repairs of this nature must adhere to current regulations and will require permits. The City will not restore your utility service until the repairs have been inspected and approved.

Do not attempt to reconnect utilities yourself.


If you cannot live in the house

Emergency housing is available. 

The Salvation ArmyRed Cross Society or Alberta Social Services can provide you with temporary housing. If necessary, the Salvation Army and Red Cross will also provide emergency clothing and food. If you have homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance, your policy may cover temporary housing.

Try to locate the following items to take with you:

  • identification
  • medications
  • eyeglasses, hearing aids or other personal aids
  • valuables such as credit cards, chequebooks, insurance policies, saving account books, money, jewelry

If you have a safe, do not attempt to open it until the exterior is cool to the touch. Intense heat may be contained for hours and if the door is opened before the safe has cooled down, the contents may burst into flame.


If you have relocated

  • notify the post office of your temporary address
  • notify your bank
  • notify credit card companies
  • check with the Rocky View School Division about boundaries if you have children attending school
  • notify Health & Welfare Canada if you receive benefits from Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan or Family Allowance

Documents & records

Important documents can be damaged or destroyed as a result of fire or other disaster. Access to these documents is often essential to your well being.

Here is a checklist of documents you will need to replace if they have been destroyed, and who to contact for information on the replacement process.



Driver's license & automobile registration

Alberta Registry

Bank books

Your financial institution

Insurance policies

Your insurance agent

Military discharge papers

Veterans Affairs Canada

Alberta Health Care card

Alberta Registry Agent


Passport Canada

Birth, death and marriage certificates

Alberta Registry

Divorce papers

Court of Queen’s Bench in city it was issued

Social Insurance card

Local Service Canada Centre

Credit cards

Issuing banks or department stores

Titles to deeds

Alberta Registry Agent

Stocks and bonds

Issuing company or your broker


Your lawyer

Medical records

Your doctor


Issuing company

Income tax records

Accountant or Canada Revenue Agency

Citizenship papers

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Prepaid burial contract

Issuing company

Animal registration papers

Humane society

Mortgage papers

Lending institution

Welfare and AISH cards

 Case worker


Bonds & money replacement

If your Canada Saving Bonds or any other government bonds have been mutilated or destroyed, contact the Government of Canada.

If bills or coins were kept in your house, contact your local bank branch or contact the Bank of Canada. Be prepared to supply identification and information on circumstances of the loss.


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