Bodily injury due to snow and ice

Winter conditions in Alberta often lead to ice appearing as a result of freezing overnight and/or snowfall providing for slippery or wet conditions. Residents are required to adhere to the Community Standards Bylaw by removing and clearing snow, ice and/or slush within twenty-four (24) hours of the time when the snow, ice and/or slush was deposited. The City has an obligation to maintain its infrastructure and have a standard outlined for snow and ice removal.

If you are injured at a City facility, immediately advise City staff.


If your injury occurred on City maintained property and you wish to proceed with a claim for damages

Step One: Contact Your Insurance Representative
If you are injured, contact your Insurance representative to inquire on how they can assist you with handling of your claim. They would be better equipped to assist with immediate assistance and out of pocket expenses.

Step Two: File your claim on time (Within 21 days)
You have 21 days from the date of your injury to report your claim to the City of Airdrie for claims involving snow, ice or slush on roadways or sidewalks.

If reporting outside of the 21 days a reasonable excuse for the lack of notice is required.

Step Three: Submit a Claims Form
Complete the online Claim Submission Form.


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