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The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is made up of seven citizen representatives and two Council representatives. 

MPC's role is to:

  • advise Council in achieving orderly, economical and beneficial development of land
  • maintain and improve the quality of the physical environment for human settlement
  • make recommendations to Council on all planning-related bylaws in the re-designation of land, land use bylaw amendments and the Municipal Development Plan (MDP)
  • act as the subdivision and development approval authority
  • make recommendations to Council on other policy and strategic planning processes and documents

Members are appointed annually by Council at the organizational meeting in October. Per Council direction, preference will be given to three of the seven members-at-large with a background in development.

Meetings are held in Council Chambers on the first and third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. and are usually two to three hours in length.

Meetings are not open to the public at this time due to COVID-19.


Current members

Council Appointments (2)

Councillor Ron Chapman (Chair)
Councillor Tina Petrow (Vice-Chair)

Citizen Appointments (7)

Dan Oneil
Aaron Holmes
Mark Steffler
Shelly McIntosh
Terry Meier
Charles Kabano
Rich Smith



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