Airdrie's New Multi-Use Facility and Library

Welcome to Airdrie’s New Multi-Use Facility and Library coming in 2025. This community facility and public library is envisioned to be a landmark destination that offers a wide variety of opportunities, both indoor and outdoor, for citizens to gather, connect and learn, and as a result, bring energy and vibrancy to Airdrie’s downtown. The opening of the new Multi-Use Facility and Library is currently set for 2025 to be constructed in Airdrie’s old fire hall located on Main Street SE. Currently, Airdrie has one of the highest used libraries per capita with approximately 90,000 visits annually.

The new facility will be 85,000 sq.Ft., with 60,000 sq.Ft of library and 25,000 sq.ft. of multi-use space. The size of the new facility allows for future growth of Airdrie, as well as meeting the provincial standards and comparisons of similar sized libraries in Alberta with an estimated budget of $62,703,550.

Where we started
Back in 2011, conversations began about the need of a new public library and multi-use facility to address the growing population in Airdrie. Following initial discussions, in 2013/2014 the City of Airdrie hired a consultant to facilitate public consultation to provide insight into a Facility Needs Assessment. The Facility Needs Assessment was presented to Council and led to Council’s endorsement of a new community facility and public library as a direct tie to Council’s priority of revitalizing Airdrie’s downtown.

Since then, the following milestones have occurred:

  • 2017 – a complete review of the Facility Needs Assessment was conducted
  • 2017 – Council established a New Facility Steering Committee to explore project visions
  • 2018 – CMLC presented to City Council on the structuring of the project.
  • 2018 – a preplanning study was conducted.
  • 2019 – a new Multi-Use Facility and Library site was confirmed.
  • Early 2020/2021 – Bids on consultants we’re distributed. Colliers was awarded project management oversight.
  • May – August 2021 – public consultation was conducted through online surveys and interviews with stakeholders, as well as an online household survey with residents. These findings informed the use of the shared space and provided important insight to the details of the Multi-Use Facility and Library Functional Program and Feasibility Report.
  • September 2021 – the Multi-Use Facility and Public Library Functional Program was endorsed by City Council.

Where we are now

  • The project team has awarded Gibbs Gage Architects as the Prime Design Consultant on the project. 
  • The project is currently in concept design and visioning sessions are being completed with Airdrie City Council, the Airdrie Public Library Board and Library staff. 
  • Public consultation for the year has closed and was used to inform the Functional Program and Feasibility Report presented to City Council.

Project vision and goals


Airdrie's New Multi-Use Facility and Library will be innovative and meet the needs of a dynamic and growing community; it will be a destination for all and contribute to a healthy, connected community. 


Downtown revitalization 

  • The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will be a catalytic project that will re-energize Airdrie's downtown as a central location for residents to gather, connect and learn creating a gateway to Airdrie's downtown. 

Community and connection

  • The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will be a hub enjoyed by the community and is a destination for all. This will be a place that will serve people of all abilities and demographics where people gather and celebrate, contributing to a healthy and connected community. 
  • The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will draw residents to visit the facility for various reasons and act as a central place for the community to access resources and participate in a wide range of programming. 


  • With ongoing population growth expected to continue in Airdrie over the next decade, the new Multi-Use Facility and Library will allow the City to meet the needs of our growing population by offering new and expanded spaces and services. 

Resident and stakeholder engagement 2021

Earlier in 2021, engagement activities with both Facility stakeholders and residents were undertaken to inform and consult on the future of the Facility and it's offerings.

Information was collected: 

  • Through an online questionnaire to stakeholders (June 2021) 
  • Through an online survey to Airdrie residents (July 2021) 
  • Through stakeholder interviews (July - August 2021) 

What we heard (stakeholder engagement)

During stakeholder engagement, the project team was interested in learning from stakeholders about their:

  • general level of interest in the project/location 
  • current space/facilities 
  • expected future space needs/facilities 
  • potential benefits of being located in the new Facility 
  • interest in shared facilities (e.g., meeting rooms) 

Targeted stakeholders expressed interest in space that offers:

  • shared and/or private offices
  • City of Airdrie business incubator 
  • art studio and/or makerspace
  • pop-up retail 
  • community club programming and events 
  • post-secondary programming 
  • performances 
  • multi-purpose rooms

What we heard (resident engagement) 

Based on a list of suggested activities and services outlined in the household survey to residents, the most popular activities and services were:

  • cafe/coffee shop 
  • pop-up/seasonal market/retail space 
  • park/play space 
  • art gallery 
  • green space  

Following this public consultation process, City Council endorsed the new Library Functional Program and Multi-Use Space Feasibility Report – the report outlines key components for the design of the needs presented by Airdrie Council and the Airdrie  Library Board as well as provides key information such as space requirements, programming and other potential facility and site uses.



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