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Airdrie is pleased to announce a new film production with a working title of "Stage 5" has selected Airdrie for an estimated five-week production shoot in April 2022. The motion picture is an epic thriller to be shot in New York, Sydney Australia, and here, in Airdrie. It will be shot with Panavision movie cameras and lenses with an award-winning team and is budgeted at $1.81MM CAD for an international theatrical exhibition.

The City of Airdrie will ensure the community is informed about the project and the many opportunities that it will bring to the community.

Local businesses are welcome list their information in our inaugural Airdrie Film Resource Directory. Information received may be shared online or printed for relevant film communications, including future reporting and promotions. 


RISEN (2016) Eddie Arya, Aryavision Pictures

Filmed in Airdrie, Risen has won 10 Festival Awards and three Official Selections worldwide, including Best Director, Best Cinematographer and Best Film. It has also proven to be commercially successful. They recently signed a major distribution deal with Vertical Entertainment for a theatrical and digital release in US and Canada and many other distribution deals with South Korea, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Latin America.

Quote from RISEN director Eddie Arya:

“I had an epic script and a vision of a $200 million Hollywood blockbuster, but was working on a micro-budget. The goal was to make a Hollywood movie with no money. I built my sets out of free wood from demolished homes being advertised on Gumtree. I built props and miniature sets in my home as I was trying to stay away from too much CGI. Panavision helped us with major discounts; shooting with their camera and lenses gave the movie a truly cinematic look. A lot of people helped us out building sets in their warehouses, as we couldn’t afford studios. Also, RISEN would not have been possible without the help and support of the people and council in Airdrie, a small town in Alberta Canada. It was basically a ‘thinking outside the box’ project for me. I learnt carpentry thanks to making RISEN, for goodness sake!” (read here) 


Work in Film

Looking for an opportunity to get your foot in the door of the film industry? 

Stage 5 is looking for those wishing to volunteer as Production Assistants on the upcoming shoot. A production assist is someone who can assist with minor things on the film set and production office, supporting the producer, director, cast and crew.

No experience is needed. Please email to get involved.


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