Fire investigation

The City of Airdrie has two level-two fire investigators on call 24 hours a day. By law, all fires or explosions that involve property damage, injury or death must be investigated.

The fire investigator will determine the origin, cause and circumstances of the fire. If required, the investigators will consult with experts from other City departments, provincial agencies and private organizations to determine what started the fire.

Some of the duties performed by the fire investigators include:

  • Examining and photographing the area of the fire
  • Preserving valuable evidence
  • Interviewing building owners and occupants, witnesses and responding rescue crews
  • Liaising with insurance adjusters
  • Assisting the RCMP whenever criminal activity has occurred

In November 2011, the City recommissioned an ambulance for fire investigations. The Mobile Response Vehicle (MRV) provides the fire investigator with the technology and mobile environment to conduct more accurate and efficient on-scene interviews with witnesses and first responders. The office-like interior, with chairs and a removable writing desk, provide a quiet sanctuary for witnesses to be able to recount their observations after events.

As well as being stocked with a compliment of fire investigation tools (hand tools, evidence collection, personal protection), the MRV is equipped with video and audio recording devices, allowing investigators to replay interviews, as well as upload photos and videos on site.

The MRV has the ability to become a mobile hot-spot, extending its internet access to partner agencies when needed, making the MRV integral in large scale emergencies.


MERV interior

MERV interior 2


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