Department history



  • March 22, Airdrie City Council directed staff to purchase our first fire pumper apparatus from Saskatoon Fire Equipment Co. for $8326.99

  • Prior to receiving our first apparatus, Airdrie had an agreement with the Village of Crossfield for fire protection for a sum of $100 per year


  • Volunteer Fire Department housed in a quonset near the water tower
  • In 1979, serving a population of 3,879, Airdrie Emergency Services (AES) moved into a shared building at 805 Main Street with Parks, Public Works and Fleet Maintenance


  • Airdrie City Council and the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce directed staff to purchase a 1979 Ambulance from Ambucraft of Innisfail for a cost of $21,650 and began an 'integrated service' model shortly thereafter
  • AES has eight full-time firefighters cross trained as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's)/Paramedics. The department becomes an integrated fire/EMS model
  • AES is one of the first departments in Alberta to carry Advanced Life Support equipment on their fire trucks
  • The department continued to have 20 to 30 volunteer firefighters trained and response ready


  • With a population of 19,165 and projected increases of six to eight per cent per year, long-range emergency services planning began
  • A second temporary location opened on East Lake Blvd


  • Members of AES joined the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF), becoming known as Airdrie Professional Firefighters Local 4778



  • July 1, Alberta Health Services (AHS) assumed responsibility for the operation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the City of Airdrie
  • All medical response is provided by AHS
  • The department became a standalone fire department and was no longer dispatched to medical calls
  • Airdrie Emergency Services (AES) is renamed Airdrie Fire Department (AFD) to better reflect the scope of responsibilities


  • April 5, the City of Airdrie opens its first purposed building for the Fire Department: 58 Station at 2900 Kingsview Blvd SE
    • Building will serve all residents east of the highway
    • Temporary fire hall at East Lake Blvd is closed 
  • May 1, medical co-response returns to the City of Airdrie
    • Airdrie‚Äôs 52 firefighters, who are currently fully trained and registered EMT/Paramedics, will begin medical care when they are the first to arrive on-scene

    • Firefighters also assist EMS crews to expedite treatment and get patients to the hospital faster

    • Of 2,500 medical calls in Airdrie each year, over 700 will meet the criteria that require a co-response from AFD

  • November 16, City of Red Deer 911 Emergency Communications Centre begins to provide 911 and fire dispatch services for the Airdrie Fire Department
    • Red Deer's dispatch software is directly compatible with AFD's, allowing information to go directly into their system, providing faster information with less chance of data errors


  • March 13, AFD headquarters is on the move
    • Operationally, the new fire hall at 2525 Chinook Winds Drive opens

    • The new fire hall houses all the speciality apparatus and is the first response truck for the growing southwest quadrant of the city

    • Airdrie fire halls are also renumbered to remain in alignment with the regional numbering system:

      • Main Street Station changed from 57 to 87 Station

      • Kings Heights Station changed from 58 to 88 Station
      • Chinook Winds Station and Fire Headquarters is numbered 89 Station 


  • We more than doubled our population with more than 47,000 citizens in the most recent census
  • The department has 60 full-time firefighters
  • The department has three fire stations, all geographically positioned to optimize response to the City of Airdrie with a fourth in the works

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