Fire inspection program

The Airdrie Fire Department (AFD) inspects many commercial buildings on a yearly basis to ensure compliance with the Alberta Fire Code.

Inspections ensure that the building is safe for employees and the public. The AFD uses inspections as an opportunity to educate business owners on the Alberta Fire Code and how to best protect their employees and customers.

During an inspection, AFD looks for hazards such as:

  • Exit signs and emergency lighting that do not illuminate
  • Fire extinguishers that require servicing
  • Blocked or obstructed building exits 
  • Sprinklers that do not have enough room to work properly
  • Combustible materials stored near sources of heat

If there are items that do not meet the Alberta Fire Code standard, occupancies are given a timeline to address deficiencies to ensure the building is safe for everyone.

Inspections also provide an opportunity for pre-planning, allowing firefighters to identify:

  • The layout of the building
  • Hydrants close to the building
  • Any firewalls located inside the building
  • Entrances and exits 
  • Any special hazards a building may have, such as compressed gas storage

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