Lost & found pets


Dogs and cats

Did you know? Dogs and cats can be licenced online and in person.

As of April 1, 2017 the cat license fees are as outlined in a Schedule "A" - Cat License Fees.

The following animals should be taken to the Alberta Pound and Rescue Centres, APARC, or if after hours, the closest veterinary clinic: 

    • Dogs and cats found within the city of Airdrie limits with or without ID

The following animals should be taken to the  Cochrane Humane Society or the Calgary Humane Society :

    • Cats or dogs found outside Airdrie city limits
    • Exotic animals (birds, reptiles, etc...)
    • Surrendered or abandoned animals

If you are unable to take the animal to either humane society, the following veterinary centres will accept on behalf of the Cochrane and Area Humane Society :

If the dog has City of Calgary dog tags, call the City of Calgary at 311

If you are in the MD of Rocky View outside the annexed area, call 403.230.1401 during regular office hours


Other animal resources

If you can no longer care for your pet or have found other types of small animals needing assistance there are a number of resources that can be contacted.

Calgary Humane Society

Cochrane Humane Society

Alberta SPCA


Wildlife in the city



Avoid skunks on your property by:

  • Keeping food and garbage off your decks
  • Securing garbage in animal proof containers
  • Securely covering your composter
  • Avoid adding meat, fat or dairy products to your composter
  • Keeping pet food tightly contained (preferably indoors)

If a skunk has taken up residence in your yard, contact a Pest Control Service.


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