Home escape plan

If a fire started in you home tonight, would you and your family be able to safely escape? It is very important that every family has a home escape plan so that everyone knows what to do and where to meet if they hear the smoke alarm.   

If there is a fire, every second counts. Make it a family project to develop a home escape plan.

Step 1: Draw a floor plan of every level of your home. Include all exits, doors, windows and stairs. Include features such as garages and porches. 

Step 2: Show two ways out of every room, if possible. The door will be the most obvious and easiest exit point, but if the door is blocked by fire or smoke there needs to be an alternate exit such as a window. Make sure that the windows open easily and all family members know how to escape through them. If there are security bars on the windows, make sure they have quick-releasing devices.

Step 3: Does anyone need help to get out? When drafting your escape plan, decide in advance who may need assistance in case of a fire. Planning who will help the very young, elderly or people with disabilities will save precious seconds when a real emergency strikes.

Step 4: Choose your meeting place. Decide on a place that everyone can easily remember. A street light, tree or neighbour’s house are good choices. Make sure that all family members understand the importance of going to the meeting place to account for all people in the home.

Step 5: Call the Fire Department after you are out of the house. Remember, you and your family’s safety come first!

Step 6: Practice, practice, practice. Go over the plan with all family members and do a walk through of all possible escape routes. Hold a fire drill at least twice a year and see how long it takes for the entire family to get out of the house.


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