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Community gardens

The Airdrie Horticultural Society operates an annual community garden with plots for rent in Monklands.

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Community orchards

There are four community orchards around the city, which have edible landscape including various fruit trees and shrubs that we welcome the public to pick. These orchards are maintained by the Parks department and located in the following communities/parks: 

  1. Plainsmen orchard at 348 Virginia Street NE, beside the ball diamond at the plainsmen arena (south side of First Ave)
  2. Windsong orchard at 1238 Windstone Road SW, east end of the green space
  3. Monklands community garden and orchard at 1505 1 Ave NW, the west corner of the parking lot
  4. Ravenswood orchard right on Ravenswood Drive SE, between Ravenswood View SE and Ravensmoor Way SE

Map of the Airdrie Community Gardens in Monklands, Plainsman, Windsong and Ravenswood