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Summer is here and we want you to enjoy riding your bikes safely in our community.  Throughout the months of May and June, Municipal Enforcement will be visiting schools for education on road safety.

Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your families protected and safe as you enjoy the trails and riding around you local neighbourhoods. 

Be aware

Be prepared for the unexpected and make sure to be on the lookout for: 

  • Pedestrians
  • Poor road conditions (debris, grates, potholes, etc.)
  • Bad weather which might affect your visibility

Protect your head

Helmets protect bike riders of all ages. In Alberta, anyone younger than 18 years old must wear a helmet. It's the law! 

Here are some tips for protecting your head properly with a bike helmet: 

  • Always wear a helmet that is right for the activity
  • Make sure your helmet fits (it should be snug)
  • Wear your helmet properly (it should be level and stable)

Visit here for more detailed tips on how to properly fit and wear a bike helmet.

Make sure your bike is safe

A key step to ensuring a safe bike ride is making sure your bike is in good working condition. 

Make sure your bike is:

  • The right size for the person riding it
  • Properly working before each ride
    • Tires have enough air
    • A working bell
    • Brakes are working properly
    • Fitted with reflectors, reflective tape or lights for visibility at night

For more basic rules of cycling, and helpful tips on cycling with children, please refer to this resource from

Please contact Airdrie Municipal Enforcement at 403.948.8892 or


Bike Safety Videos

The following videos include some helpful tips on how to make sure your bike ride is safe and enjoyable:


Helmets are mandatory for all ages on City maintained outdoor rinks/skate parks

  • Helmets can reduce the risk of severe head injury and save your life
  • Wear a helmet made for the activity that you’re doing
  • Each helmet is made to protect your head from impacts typically associated with that particular activity or sport

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