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New library and multi-use facility

The new library and multi-use facility is under construction on the site of Airdrie’s old fire hall located on Main Street SE. Opening is currently set for winter 2025.

This community facility and public library is envisioned to be a landmark destination that offers a wide variety of opportunities, both indoor and outdoor, for citizens to gather, connect and learn, and as a result, bring energy and vibrancy to Airdrie’s downtown. Currently, Airdrie has one of the highest used libraries per capita with approximately 90,000 visits annually.

The facility will be 73,000 sq ft with 53,000 for the library and 20,000 for the multi-use space and will cost roughly $65 Million. The facility will have an underground parkade with approximately 100 stalls as well as ground-level parking.

The new facility will take into consideration future growth as well as meeting the provincial standards and comparisons of similar sized libraries in Alberta.

Rendering of the atrium area in the new public library and multi-use facility

View site, level 1 and level 2 floor plans (pdf) 

Learn more about the new library and multi-use facility

Project goals

Downtown revitalization. The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will be a catalytic project that will re-energize Airdrie's downtown as a central location for residents to gather, connect and learn, creating a gateway to Airdrie's downtown. 

Community and connection. The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will be a hub enjoyed by the community and will serve as a place for people of all abilities and demographics to gather and celebrate, contributing to a healthy and connected community. The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will draw residents to visit the facility for various reasons and act as a central place for the community to access resources and participate in a wide range of programming.

Growth. With population growth expected to continue in Airdrie over the next decade, the new Multi-Use Facility and Library will allow the City to meet the needs of our growing population by offering new and expanded spaces and services.

Provide construction services for the new Multi-use and Library Facility

Are you an Airdrie business who provides commercial construction services? You can help by obtaining contract work for construction on the new Multi-use and Library Facility. 

To apply, please download and fill out the Subcontractor Pre-Qualification form and submit it along with the required information to CANA Construction at

Download Subcontractor Pre-qualification form (pdf)

Project milestones

While significant milestones on the project were achieved in 2022 and 2023, the inception of the new Multi-use and Library Facility goes way back to 2011. Read a year-by-year milestone-timeline for this project. 

Resident and stakeholder engagement

Engagement activities with both facility stakeholders and residents were undertaken to help shape the future of the facility and it's offerings. Information was collected from stakeholders through an online questionnaire in June 2021 and interviews in July and August 2021. Information was collected from Airdrie residents through an online survey in July 2021.