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Public Art Consultant RFQ

The City of Airdrie is seeking a public art consultant to establish a public art selection process that meaningfully integrates public art with the building and its adjacent urban and green spaces at the new Airdrie Multi-Use Facility & Library Project.

The Art Consultant will be integral to guide the City of Airdrie throughout the entire process of selecting public art.

The anticipated total art budget for this project is $520,000. This budget is intended to cover all expenses related to public art including consulting fees, artists honorariums, reserve fund contributions for ongoing operations and maintenance, and the purchase of the public art and supporting infrastructure.

Submission Deadline:
The deadline to submit your RFQ is Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 2:00 pm MDT. Please note, we have added an RFQ addendum 1 and Addendum 2 to address questions that were commonly asked. 

Questions can be emailed to Claudia Usuga-Benitez at, Community Facilities Project Coordinator or by calling 403.948.8800 ext 8713

New library and multi-use facility

Project update - November 2022

In October, the new library and multi-use facility project received an updated cost estimate that was approximately $20M over the projected $62M. On November 7,  Airdrie City Council weighed the financial and social risks and benefits to make a decision on the best path forward. Council chose to cap the budget at $65M and adjust the scope of the overall project to meet the new budget. 

Staff, project management consultants and architects are working on a plan for a building that will meet the community's needs and fit within the budget. It is expected that a plan will be ready in the Spring 2023.  

Council members felt adequate parking was a priority, however an adjustment in scope for the site could come from: 

  • Reducing the size of the overall building (space could be reduced from the multi-use area, library area or a combination of both). 
  • Reducing the sustainability features and/or 
  • Reducing the landscaping features and outdoor amenities and/or 
  • Building the rough-in infrastructure so other features can be added on to at a later date (i.e. electric charging stations, solar panels, rainwater capture etc) and/or 

As well as the new library and multi-use facility, Council has a number of large projects on the 10 year horizon including a new regional park, a new recreation centre, a new fire hall, road infrastructure projects and a lift station in the south part of the City. 

Opening of the Library and Multi-Use Facility

The opening of the new Library and Multi-Use Facility is currently set for 2025 and will be constructed on the site of Airdrie’s old fire hall located on Main Street SE.

This community facility and public library is envisioned to be a landmark destination that offers a wide variety of opportunities, both indoor and outdoor, for citizens to gather, connect and learn, and as a result, bring energy and vibrancy to Airdrie’s downtown. Currently, Airdrie has one of the highest used libraries per capita with approximately 90,000 visits annually.

The new facility will take into consideration future growth as well as meeting the provincial standards and comparisons of similar sized libraries in Alberta with an estimated budget of $65M. 

Project timeline


  • October: Demolition of the old fire hall began. Weather and other factors permitting, the demolition will take approximately 10-12 weeks. Construction of the new multi-use facility and library will begin in the Spring 2023. If you have questions or concerns on the demolition process, please contact
  • Project team awarded Gibbs Gage Architects as the Prime Design Consultant on the project
  • Concept design and visioning sessions completed with Airdrie City Council, the Airdrie Public Library Board and Library staff.



  • Consultant bids distributed. Colliers was awarded project management oversight


  • New Multi-Use Facility and Library site was confirmed


  • Council established a steering committee to explore project visions


  • Public consultation was conducted to provide insight into a Facility Needs Assessment. The Facility Needs Assessment was endorsed by Council.  


  • Conversations began about the need of a new public library and multi-use facility to address the growing population in Airdrie.

Resident and stakeholder engagement

Engagement activities with both facility stakeholders and residents were undertaken to inform and consult on the future of the facility and it's offerings.

Information was collected through:

  • An online questionnaire to stakeholders (June 2021)
  • An online survey to Airdrie residents (July 2021)
  • Stakeholder interviews (July - Aug. 2021)

Vision and goals

Airdrie's New Multi-Use Facility and Library will be innovative and meet the needs of a dynamic and growing community; it will be a destination for all and contribute to a healthy, connected community.


Downtown revitalization
The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will be a catalytic project that will re-energize Airdrie's downtown as a central location for residents to gather, connect and learn creating a gateway to Airdrie's downtown.

Community and connection
The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will be a hub enjoyed by the community and is a destination for all. This will be a place that will serve people of all abilities and demographics where people gather and celebrate, contributing to a healthy and connected community.

The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will draw residents to visit the facility for various reasons and act as a central place for the community to access resources and participate in a wide range of programming.

With ongoing population growth expected to continue in Airdrie over the next decade, the new Multi-Use Facility and Library will allow the City to meet the needs of our growing population by offering new and expanded spaces and services.