Airdrie’s Street Art gallery

A canvas for your throwies and burners

To encourage the tradition of aerosol art in Airdrie that has added vibrancy to Nose Creek Park over the years, the City has erected more panels dedicated to aerosol art at Highland Park, Nose Creek Park and East Lake Regional Park.

The panels are located here.

History of Airdrie’s Street Art Gallery

At the request of Creative Airdrie, The Street Art Gallery officially opened to the public in 2014 and was informally managed by the City of Airdrie and Creative Airdrie. Although the gallery was intended to be a temporary space for street artists, the space operated for four years with great success. The site was also host to several ARTember workshops where ethical and safe street art was promoted and practiced by the community.


Parks partnership programs

The City of Airdrie operates and supports a number of community partnership programs:

  • Nose Creek Watershed  - The Nose Creek Clean Up was an event previously organized by the Nose Creek Watershed Partnership. Recently, the Partnership has changed their focus and is no longer organizing stewardship activities.

Free wood mulch

During the spring and summer months, the City offers free mulch to Airdrie residents, and is located at 15 East Lake Hill NE. This mulch is not intended for commercial use.  Please help yourself!

The free mulch offered, is created from the pruning and removal of local trees by the City’s Parks department and hired contractor is being provided free of charge to Airdrie residents for residential garden use. Mulch content varies and the City of Airdrie makes no representation of the quality of the mulch, or that it is free of substances which may be toxic to plants, animals, and/or humans.

Please note:

  • Staff is not available to load mulch.
  • Load, transport and use at your own risk.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves while handling mulch.



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