The City of Airdrie Parks department role is to maintain, groom and address residents' concerns and enquiries regarding the parks, green spaces, playgrounds and pathways within Airdrie. The Parks department also looks after the maintenance in the City of Airdrie Cemetery.

Depending on the season, the Parks department's day to day maintenance schedule and responsibilities may include: mowing and trimming, pathway snow clearing, weed control, pest control, irrigation and tree maintenance. The Parks department also looks after many other areas and park related issues such as graffiti removal, stocking and cleaning washrooms in our City parks, garbage maintenance and playground repairs, this is in addition to many other tasks that are tended to by the Operations crew on a day to day basis.


Priority maintenance levels

There are four priority maintenance levels which identify the type of maintenance that will be applied to certain areas as not all spaces require the same attention.

Below is the Maintenance Priorities list in order of priority:

  1. Level 'S' Sports Fields: Sports fields and ball diamonds that are considered to be high use facilities. These areas must be maintained under agreements, acts and bylaws.
  2. Level 'A' High Use Facilities: Level 'A' includes Parks and and green spaces that are neighbourhood, regional or community oriented. These areas are also maintained under agreements, acts and bylaws. These areas may: generate revenue and may have automatic irrigation systems. This level may include non-irrigated sports fields.
  3. Level 'B': Level 'B' areas are typically highly used areas with limited horticultural features such as trees and shrub beds which do not require as much maintenance. These parks are generally considered to be passive parks but may be categorized as district, regional or community parks. These areas may include manual irrigation.
  4. Level 'C': Level'C' parks have a low maintenance turf program and are not classified as a high use area. These areas often consist of native grass species that is coarse and sparse in areas.

Sound Fences

A sound fence is an exterior structure designed to protect inhabitants of sensitive land use from noise pollution. 

The sound fences in Airdrie are maintained by the Parks department.


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