Pathway snow clearing

The Parks department clears snow from approximately 35 kilometres of concrete sidewalks and approximately 140 kilometres of asphalt pathway. If more than half an inch of snow has accumulated, the goal of the Parks department is to have the snow cleared within that 24 hour period.

As per the Community Standards Bylaw, the City’s snow clearing bylaw allows residents, businesses and City facilities 24 hours to have snow cleared from adjacent or adjoining properties.

Snow removal is based on four levels of priorities:

  1. Direct transportation sidewalks and City pathways surrounding school sites
  2. Any asphalt pathways not already cleared
  3. Snow clearing and ice maintenance on the boarded and snow bank rinks in City parks
  4. When safe to do so, snow clearing and ice maintenance on Nose Creek pond, Edgewater pond and Summerhill pond

If you notice a sidewalk or pathway which may have been overlooked or has drifted over after it has been cleared, please contact the Parks department.    



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